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Manage prepress projects and documents from anywhere

View, annotate and compare

WebCenter keeps everyone on the same page by providing easy-to-use viewing and annotation tools.

You can view, markup and approve CAD files, PDF files and image files in a browser or on our mobile device with WebCenter’s high-resolution Viewer. The viewer supports single page, multipage and imposition documents within the same viewing environment.

The annotation and viewing tools allow users to add comments, accurately indicate corrections, check grain and flute direction, etc.

Using the HTML 5 Viewer, ink details and dimensions can be measured, CAD files can be aligned, overprint modes can be compared, x-height of text can be checked, the document history can be consulted, approvals can be given, and when more than one version is available, the compare tool highlights the differences.

Compare is even possible on different versions of different documents, giving you the ultimate quality assurance and error detection.


Easy organization and fast retrieval

WebCenter is the one place where everything comes together. Structural design, graphic design, business information, or specifications: WebCenter has it all under control.

The search tools in WebCenter make it easy to find projects and documents based on very specific metadata. Search for barcodes, specific inks, structural designs...


Control processes and speed up the design

Automate complex approval processes in WebCenter. The lifecycle management option allows splitting your projects into smaller manageable tasks for effective management and on time delivery.

The template based project creation and dynamic forms make it very easy to start a new project based on a predefined process flow.


Connect with workflows

WebCenter integrates seamlessly with Esko’s workflow solutions. It provides integration with 3rd party applications through the Software Development Kit (SDK). This integration allows operators and suppliers to upload documents directly into the project without leaving their favorite environment.


Be secure and compatible, even in the cloud

WebCenter puts security and confidentiality first. Your information and your files are completely safe. WebCenter permissions provide absolute control of a user’s access to projects and documents.

WebCenter can be installed on premise, or as a hosted cloud application. The hosted WebCenter reduces total ownership and
makes it easier to integrate it with your existing IT architecture.


Connect your cloud WebCenter to an Automation Engine

Even though your Automation Engine resides safely behind your firewall, you can still make a connection with a cloud based WebCenter that's not part of your local network.

This is perfect for trade shops that want their packaging management in cloud, or for companies with more than one facility. And this makes total sense for brand owners to use their cloud based WebCenter to drive the Esko solutions at their suppliers.


Online editing solution with the CHILI Publisher

WebCenter can be used for the collation and online editing of packaging content with the CHILI Publisher. The CHILI Publisher allows users to edit and manage packaging copy in a powerful visual editor.


Reducing packaging content errors

Brand owners report that most packaging errors pop up in the copy (ingredients, marketing slogans, legal text…).  That is not too surprising as there are a lot of challenges in making packaging artwork.

  • Keeping up with ever changing regulations 
  • Increasing number of artwork files
  • More languages on a single pack
  • Content supplied in a variety of formats
  • Error-prone manual copy-and-paste workflow
  • Long approval cycles
  • Missed deadlines
  • Time-to-market pressures

CHILI Publisher in WebCenter is an online content management solution that has been designed with all packaging complexities in mind. The customer has the possibility to manage and approve the content in a centralized, online solution.

Working in the CHILI Publisher

In Adobe® Illustrator®, the designer create templates from the packaging production files with the DC. These templates are pushed into WebCenter and can be opened, viewed and edited with the CHILI Publisher. 

Add, edit or update text in a safe, online environment. When you’re done, the updated file is ready for approval and can continue its journey through the supply chain. 

Benefits of the CHILI Publisher?

  • Save costs on artwork creation
  • Increase speed to market significantly
  • See the impact of text changes directly in the right context: the pack
  • Reduce errors


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