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Airlines Contact Numbers

If you are planning to fly in the next weeks, now you can get all contact details of the largest airlines in Ireland. You have available the phone numbers, address, emails and sites of all of them, so you can choose the contact method.

Keep in mind many of the phone numbers offered are free, so not call cost will be charged, that´s an important point because frequently the call duration are quite high.

Ryanair, British Airways, Aer Lingus, Jet2, Emirates airlines are some of the companies included in our section, in case you wish we add a new airline company, please send us an email and we will analyze it. Our goal is everybody in Ireland could access to the contact information of Irish airlines to get assistance and support.


Airline is among the top economic blocks in the Republic of Ireland. Geographical location of Ireland makes it necessary to use aircrafts for easy connections with other continents.

Tourists and business professionals prefer air to other modes of travel because of effective management and efficiency in Europe. Airline industry is beneficial not only to individuals in terms of employment but also to the whole region in revenue earnings. Non-citizens also benefit from the industry in numerous ways.


Airlines are classified basing on their route and schedules, international, and domestic airlines. Aircrafts in the UK are regulated by the International Civil Aviation Organization where operators are also classified either as scheduled or non-scheduled.

Just like most countries across the world, the UK has established various service lines. Common services include:

  • charter services.
  • international airlines.
  • all-cargo lines.
  • trunk airlines as well as local service airlines.

Major airlines are British Airways Plc and Easyjet Airline Company Ltd.


Efficiency and class of services offered in UK’s airline industry influence the price. International airlines operate within certain price ranges different from local airlines. Common services offered in the UK are low cost carriers, charter services, full carrier services, combinational carrier services, and business class services.

Charter services in the Ireland prioritize essential services (aircrafts are reserved for emergency charters). The aircrafts function as air ambulances as well as help in handling perishable goods. Air transport is popular in the Republic of Ireland; if you are thinking of touring Ireland, be prepared to experience quality and efficient travel services because of its proper management.

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