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The financial sector is vital for any economy; the UK is not any different. All sectors of the economy depend on capital from various sources. Small and medium enterprises dominate the UK business market. It all begins with financing, which is crucial in motivation.

The UK recently reduced interest rates on business loans and restrictions on accessibility of finance. The policy is geared towards boosting every sector of the economy. Financing is not concentrated or biased to manufacturing or technology; so long as you are a UK citizen with clear credit history, accessing loan is easy.

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Major banks

Banks in the United Kingdom are governed by international regulatory bodies, which controls every decision with regards to interest rates and requirements for financing. Also, top banks in the UK have significant influences on smaller financial institutions concerning loan accessibility and investment based on available capital. Interest rates are also determined by top banks. Some of these influential banks in the UK are:

  • Standard Chartered Plc HSBC Holdings
  • Barclay’s Plc
  • Lloyds Banking group
  • Santander UK is also among the popular banks in UK’s economy


Banking is among the most established industries in the economy of the UK. The services range from business loans, debit and credit cards cash management, and checking accounts. Merchant services that include credit card processing, reporting, and reconciliation were pioneered in the UK. Premium banking and priority for certain customers and services characterize the UK banking industry.

Investment and growth of any economy is dependent on proper financing. UK’s position in global economy is attributed to efficiency and proper structures in this sector.

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