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NatWest is a brand name for National Westminster Bank Plc a financial services provider founder in 1968 and located in London, United Kingdom. It provides its customers retail and commercial banking services in the UK and environs.

NatWest is a product of a merger between National Provincial Bank founded in 1833 and Westminster Bank established in 1834. The banks were joined together in a merger arrangement that took place in 1968 to use their experiences and coverage to leverage modern banking services and better customer service to its clients.

NatWest is one of the largest Four clearing banks with a vast network size of over 3.000 branches and more than 3.605cash machines located across Great Britain and provides 24 hours active customer service contact on their phone number as well as provide online banking support to further make banking easier for its clients.

Natwest uk telephone number


Natwest Customer Service

If you rеquirе tо contact Natwest about lоаnѕ, mоrtgаgеѕ, Onlinе Bаnking or аnу other of our products оr ѕеrviсеѕ, at Nаtwеѕt customer ѕеrviсе iѕ rеаdу to furniѕh you with outstanding top nоtсh ѕеrviсе.

Nаtwеѕt is соmmittеd to making banking a pleasant experience, aѕ such they are always wеlсоmе your inquiriеѕ, feedback, and ѕuggеѕtiоnѕ. Experience thе соnvеniеnсе оf banking that's nоt just intеrасtivе but intuitive tоо, Nаtwеѕt phоnе Bаnking service is nоw enhanced tо deliver a mоrе user-friendly рrосеѕѕ fоr your dаilу bаnking routines.

Natwest Uk ѕtrivеѕ tо provide thе best service роѕѕiblе with every соntасt!.

They ореrаtе in аn industry built оn truѕt, so, thiѕ саn bе achieved thrоugh Natwest customer service and their еxреriеnсеd support.

Getting in tоuсh with Natwest Bank is еаѕу eithеr саll one of their UK-based саll сеntеrѕ or speak to оnе оf Natwest customer support staff bу visiting Nаtwеѕt website. Keep in mind Natwest customer care is available 24 hours a day and you can contact them for any issue or doubt you could have, don´t hesitate.


Natwest Helpline

NatWest Bank helps its customers by providing them an excellent customer service team. They have set a detailed team structure for handling different queries, every department and its subsections are lined out in a way where the customer need not wait long for getting his queries answered, so, there is a dedicated Natwest helpline given for the department separately.

For making any complaints regarding a specific service you can visit their official website and search for the particular service for which you want to lodge your complaint or call complaints helpline. On the website, you will be provided with a Natwest Bank phone number and the opening hours during which you can give the customer care a call.

Natwest customer support


Natwest Mortgage contact number

Always remember that whenever you make a call to a customer care executive of a NatWest Bank, you will be asked to validate your identity. For this, you will be asked few security questions that you need to keep handy while making a call to them. For the mortgage customer service, you can call the Natwest Mortgage contact number at 0 044 1534 2823 00 and they will help with your concern about the kind or mortgage, amounts, and rates. The NatWest Bank also provides with the online chatting option available on the official website of the bank in which you can request information about Natwest mortgages.

When you visit the official website you will find a button on the right-hand side written as “need help”, when you click on that option a window will pop up with the chat option where automatic help desk service will answer all your questions. But remember this is an automated service and hence you will have to put your questions in a very simple manner in order for the robot to understand what your query is.

On the other hand, you can also visit the bank and make your query about mortgage at the help desk. The customer care representatives of the NatWest Bank are very polite and well equipped to handle all your queries.


Natwest bank phone number

Natwest Bank has different phone numbers for the several services provided, if you are interested on insurance policies, you should call at Natwest phone insurance number displayed in their website, you will receive assistance and all information you should know prior to buy an insurance policy.

If you query is associated to your credit card, please use Natwest credit card contact to speak with their staff if your card has been lost or stolen, if you need to increase you credit card limits or if you have any doubt with some charges.

Finally if you wish to speak with Natwest about your loan or your bank account, please call Natwest phone banking and their customer service team can help you with your queries, doubts or to make some kind of transactions with your accounts.

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