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RBS Phone Contact

Royal Bank of Scotland phone number

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Royal Bank of Scotland popularly called RBS has been in existence for a quite a while, close to hitting the 300 mark in terms of years of existence. As would be expected, Royal Bank of Scotland is focused on finance and Insurance services; as a result, the bank apart from the finance and insurance services that they offer, they also provide consumer banking and corporate banking services. Presently, RBS has over 92,000 people employed as staff and has its headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The bank has around 703 branches mainly located in Scotland but some are also found in England and Wales which are also countries that make up the United Kingdom which means the bank does not only serve Scotland alone but also the generality of the UK populace.

Contact Royal Bank


Royal Bank of Scotland contact

There is a contact us option on the Royal Bank of Scotland website of the bank with a phone number dedicated to that particular purpose. Also, there is a support centre that people can reach out to so that their questions or complaints can be well attended to and this allows the bank to provide excellent RBS customer service to people.

RBS with stands for Royal Bank of Scotland UK provides a variety of customer care options for its customers. Among many of the options few of the options through which the customers can contact Royal Bank of Scotland are through online complaint registration, this online complaint registration can be done by visiting the official website of the RBS UK Bank and searching for the option as file a complaint. When you click on the complaint form a complete detail complaint form will open up in a new window where you need to fill in the said details. After you finish filling up the form you can simply click on submit where your from will get submitted and a RBS customer care executive will contact you.


RBS Helpline

The other option to contact the Royal Bank of Scotland for your queries is through RBS helpline to make any kind of general queries, complaints or online transactions. There is a helpline of dedicated customer service executives on the other side who are trained to answer and solve all kind of queries. You simply need to call RBS phone number and respond a few questions so that the customer care executive can identify you. On doing so, just you need to tell them your query and a person from the other side will help you manage the same.

RBS Telephone number


Royal Bank of Scotland phone number

If you do not want to go for the online options with the RBS UK Bank you can also talk to a customer service representative by giving them a call at Royal Bank of Scotland phone number 08000 234 567, this number is free. The wait time for the RBS UK Bank is very less as compared to other banks and hence one of the best options for getting in touch with the customer care executive. The Royal Bank of Scotland also welcomes written complaint which can be sent to the financial ombudsman service, exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR.

Calling to RBS phone number you could have many actions, information about your bank account, transactions, customer service about your products, credit cards, loans and mucho more

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please can I get an address and telephone number to speak to someone about PPI
I have charges on my account and I don't know what they are for?
i am trying to trace my deeds for my house which my late husband i believe left at the wigan branch of royal bank because we did have a mortgage with you and my husband had a business account with you also , i have tried ringing but i got no reply my address is penddol farm abbey road llangollen ll208ss . regards janet
I am unable to withdraw from my current account as is my husband on our joint current account despite more than adequate funds. I can't manage to get a telephone response.