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Best Free Games Without WiFi

games without wifi

Playing games on your phone is a great way to pass the time, especially when you are waiting in line, early for an appointment, bored at work, or for many other reasons.

But you might not always have WiFi and playing many games without WiFi will incur data charges. And if you don’t have access to internet at all, you won’t be able to play those games.

To help you be entertained at all times, internet or no, we have come up with a list of some of the best free games that do not need WiFi.


Stack game


Stack is a very simple game where you attempt to stack blocks on top of each other. If you miss, the round ends. If you only get part of the block in place, the other part of the block falls away. Compete against yourself when offline to see how high you can stack.


Plague Inc Game


Ever thought about creating a pathogen that could end the world? Well this game lets you create a fictional pathogen and use logic based upgrades to spread that pathogen. From patient zero to complete infection, can you master your virus to end the world?.


Flow Free Game


Connecting pipes is the name of the game. In a board that resembles snakes, your goal is to connect lines of the same color without overlapping. If you overlap, the pipes burst.

Play from level to level to beat the game or try beating the clock. Whether you want to play fast paced or casual, this game has options for all players.


Can You Escape Game


Do you like puzzles? Can You Escape is a series of challenging puzzles where you will have to use various interactive pieces to get out. Currently there are 12 rooms to escape with more coming soon according to the developer.

Be warned, the need to solve the puzzles can be very addictive and you might find yourself having a hard time putting the phone down.


Bring It On! – Physics Puzzles


Bring It On! relies on your ability to draw unique shapes that can solve a variety of challenging puzzles. The challenge of the puzzles is that no two are the same.

From knocking objects over to moving a ball across the screen and even lifting boxes, the challenges will hold your attention for quite a while.


Heads Up! Game


For those who want an app to play when they aren’t alone and don’t have WiFi, take a look at Heads Up! One player holds the phone against their forehead so everyone else can see it. Then the other players try to get the holder of the phone to guess the word (or words) on the screen.

Try out a variety of categories to get a full experience, a modern version of an older game.


Bubble Shooter Game


Bubble Shooter is a classic bubble popping game where you must aim balls at similarly colored bubbles in order to pop them. There are over 500 different levels to choose from and each one will leave you with more to puzzle through.


Subway Surfers Game


Escaping from an inspector and his K9 partner is the main goal of Subway Surfers. You will navigate subway tracks while having to avoid trains and other obstacles. You will need to develop fast fingers if you hope to outrun the inspector.

Each level is brought to life with stunning HD graphics and sound.


Plants Vs Zombies 2 Game


Who doesn’t like killing some zombies? With the second installment of Plants Vs. Zombies you will get to engage in some intense action against zombies. With hundreds of different zombies and plants, there are plenty of different things to discover. See battle in over 11 different worlds and grow new plants to help you stay alive.

These are just a number of the best offline games that are available for free. There are constantly more being added and updated. Do you have a favorite offline game that you don’t see on the list here? Make sure you let us know in the comments section down below.