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Contract Phones for Bad Credit no Upfront Fees

bad credit phone contracts

So, you are having a tough time and make things even worse; your smartphone decided to take a bath in the toilet seat and died.

But because of your financial moment, you have some late bills and your credit is not good, so whenever you try to get a new phone from a provider, you get refused. It is sad, but understandable.

They are not a charity institution after all, and when they see your record, all the information tells them that doing business with you is risky.

But you can't blame them, after all, you are having a bad time, and until you can get back on your feet, they would run the risk of you not paying them back. This happens because when you get a contract phone, the price you pay for the device is subsided, with the company recovering its value through the monthly fees.

If you don't pay the bill, they get neither the service money nor the device money they invested to you. This is why they don't want to do business with you


How to get a contract phone with a bad credit

To get a contract phone, you must lower the risk you represent by showing them you can pay for the services. For instance, you can buy the SIM card only, making a contract only of the services and not subsiding the phone.

You can then buy a cheap one to replace the one you lost, even if that did not work, you could make a pre-paid contract (also known as pay-as-you-go in some places). This contract only allows you to use a number of services you paid for. This kind of contract has no upfront fees, and you can easily manage how much you will spend per month.

You can try to get a contrat phone with a bad credit through specialized companies, there are companies that work specifically with low credit customers. This kind of company has partnerships with a variety of mobile service providers across the country. Some even have partnerships with overseas mobile service providers.

In the other hand, the largest operator in UK don´t offer this kind of contracts so, you don´t have to waste time to contact 02 or BT, they will refuse your application


Bad Credit Phone Contracts

https://www.phoneswithfreegifts.com. This company works with a multitude of partners around the world and can help you to get your new contract phone with no up-front fee. Their services also include the gits from the mobile service provider's plan you hire.

All you need to do is go to their website, browse the deals for the phone you want, apply and wait. Their customer support may help you with additional information.

https://www.mintmonkey.co.uk. MintMonkey is another company that works with the same principle, but for United Kingdom residents.