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The Five Best Phones of 2020

Every year, manufacturers try to beat each other by outselling them, and for that, they try hard to innovate and lower the prices to allure the consumer.

This year was no different ant we have once again, a plethora of phone devices being sold by a variety of manufacturers worldwide. Some of them are known, reputable brands, others are total strangers, some of these strangers may even be only unknown to the western public.

With this huge variety of phones being dumped on the market, we often get lost on the thousands and thousands of different specs and selling points.

best smartphone 2018

This post compiles a list of what I think are the top five smartphones of 2017. Without further ado, let's get started.


The List: Best smartphones of 2020

This top list will not rank the phones as best or worst but will try to focus on the good points of each one.

That means that the order in which the phones will appear on the list does not mean that it is better than the previous or worse than the next. Instead of that, I will separate as winners in different categories, as one feature can be a must have for some folks while being totally useless to others.


Best Mobile Camera

The award for Best Mobile Camera goes to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with its dual camera system that enables the user to take astonishing photos with a depth effect due to its two lenses.

The lenses act as a pair of eyes, triangulating the position of the environment and capturing 3D images more naturally.


Best Display

Thought the huge display of the Galaxy Note 8 is impressive, the Retina display present in the iPhone 8 Plus still is one of the best in the market.

Allied to that, the overall performance of the system gives the trophy of this category to the newest addition to the Apple's line up.


Best Price

When it comes to features, many people do not need the vast majority of them, nor the biggest screen to watch videos. Most of the smartphone users will use their devices to browse the internet, to send messages and use Facebook.

For this reason, there are phones that while not the top of the heap when speaking of technologies are for sure a good option. For this reason, I elected the Sony Xperia X, for its ergonomic body and low price of 250$.


Best Surprise

We often look for the most known brands when wanting to buy something new. But sometimes a new competitor arises and surprises us with good quality products.

That's what Huawei has done with the P9, the Chinese manufacturer has been growing and gaining market share in the last two years, and the P9 has a great mix of features, performance, and price.


Best Battery Performance

It is no use to have a powerful smartphone if its battery lasts five minutes. For this reason, the ZenFone 3 Zoom, from Asus won this category by having the longest battery life amongst our competitors, lasting for 16 hours, 49 minutes of intense internet LTE use.