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How to Delete Apps on iPhone

delete iphone apps

Do you have an iPhone? With over 700 million iPhones in use around the world at one time, there is a good chance you are. If you have found this article, it is because you are looking to delete an app from you iPhone.

Those who are tech savvy will find it easy to delete an app but for new users and those who are less technical, you might need a little help. Here are some basic instructions.


Tap Until Wiggles

Tap and hold on any app on your screen. For the easiest process, tap and hold on an app on the same page as the one that you want to delete from. Alternatively, you can swipe once the apps start to jiggle to navigate. Just make sure that you don’t drag apps from one place to another when swiping.

Once you find the app that you want to delete, press the X in the top left corner. Apps that can’t be deleted will not display an X. Should an app that you wish to delete be located in a folder, you can tap the folder open. If the X’s go away, you can hold down in the folder using the same method.

When you click the X you will be asked to confirm that you want to remove the app. Removing the app will likely delete all app data from your phone so keep that in mind.


Using The Settings

You can also remove Iphone apps via the settings app. Look for settings app, it will be a set of gray gears. Open up settings then look for the General section and then Storage & iCloud. Find the Manage Storage subsection.

You will find a list of apps under the used section. By going to settings, you get to view how much storage on your phone each app is taking up both with the app and the data it uses.

Look for the app that you want to remove and click its name. Then you will be presented with the option to delete. Using the list to delete apps might be quicker if you want to do more than one at a time.


Delete From iTunes

It is possible to bypass deleting apps on Iphone by deleting them via iTunes. Go to your Apps library on iTunes and look for the app you want to remove. Highlight the app that you want to remove and press the delete key. A confirmation will come up that asks if you really want to delete the app.

Deleting apps through the App library will remove them from all devices that are attached to your iTunes account. If your device does not have WIFI it will be deleted the next time you sync.

Apps in the iTunes app library are typically defaulted to displaying icons. For most people it is easier to view the apps in list view. To do this, look in the View menu and then View As and look for list. There are multiple different ways that you can sort the apps from alphabetical to installed date.

If you are unable to delete the apps selected contact Applecare helpline and they will guide you how to perform this task. The helpline is available from Monday to Friday.


Delete Instead of Update

When it comes time to update apps you will see a list of all apps with updates on iTunes. If you see an app that you don’t use anymore, you can delete it straight from this menu and it isn’t that hard. Open iTunes and find the list of apps waiting to update.

For every app that you don’t want anymore, right click it and click Delete From Library. You will get rid of both the app and the notification that there is an update for the app. Note that deleting apps with this method is the same as the above mentioned method. It will remove the app from all devices registered to your iTunes account.

These are the current ways to remove apps from your iPhone or iPod. Apple is always coming out with new ideas. Stay tuned for any future updates. Have any questions? Ask them in the comments section.