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Main Mobile Operator In UK

Phone operator uk

When picking out a phone anywhere in the world, you will want to know your options. Picking the right mobile carrier will make your experience better. It will also ensure that you get the service that you require and the phone that you want.

Here is a little about the main mobile operators in the UK.



BT is a major phone provider for people around the world. Not only do they operate in the UK but they also operate in 170 other countries. With that many service areas, they have the experience to get you the service you want. Mobile plans start at 11 pounds per month and you even bring your old phone if it is compatible.

If you want to join them, contact BT now.


O2 Mobile

With millions of active subscribers, O2 is one of the larger UK mobile operators. They provide service to both personal customers and businesses needing phone and mobile internet services.

O2 maintains networks on the 2G, 3G, and 4G spectrums. You can get a wide variety of phones and devices from O2, including the latest Apple devices. Click here to visit O2 contact us options


EE Mobile

As a mobile provider EE really excels and prides themselves in delivering some of the fastest 4G speeds in the UK. They also claim to have the best 4G coverage in the UK area. You can find multiple deals on the EE website with plans starting at 21 pounds per month.

Free Apple Music is also provided to those that get Apple mobile phones. EE ensures that they offer the best devices from iPhones and iPads to the latest Samsung devices including the HTC and Samsung devices. Contact EE Mobile for more info


Three Mobile UK

Three Mobile is a UK mobile company that focuses on giving their customer’s savings. On the Three Mobile website, you will regularly find deals and savings to help you set up an account while keeping as much money in your purse as possible.

The suite of phones that the company offers is all of the expected devices along with some of the lesser known, but still amazing devices. Check out an iPhone 7 plan or a Samsung Galaxy J3 2017. Of course, you can also bring your own phone if you so desire.

Picking the right plan can take time and research. You now know why these three companies have made it to the top of the industry in the UK.

We recommend taking a look at each website and seeing if they support the phone that you are looking to get and comparing the prices, coverage, and services included.

Make sure to take the time to look at each company and the various plans they have. You never know when you might find a cheaper option. It might also help to look at reviews online.