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Pokemon Go On Windows Phone

pokemon go windows

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games, and it doesn’t hurt that it encourages people to walk. In the game, you catch Pokemon characters who are randomly placed around the real world. That means you have to get out and find these adorable creatures.

Niantic, the company that owns Pokemon Go, has only developed the app for Android and iOS devices. That has left owners of Windows Phones without an option to play Pokemon Go game.

That is, until now.

With PoGo-UWP, you can play Pokemon Go from your Windows phone via making Niantic think that you are using an Android or iOS device. Want to play? Here is how to install Pokemon Go.


Step1: Create A Trainer Club Account

You must first head over to the official Pokemon Trainer Club website and create an account. This will set you up as a Pokemon Trainer. Many sources recommend the use of a secondary email just in case the account gets banned due to using an unofficial app.


Step 2: Login With An Official App

Use a friend’s official app on an Android or iOS device to log into Pokemon Go for the first time. You need to do this to select a starter Pokemon. If you don’t have access to a phone or tablet, you can use Bluestacks on your computer to do the same thing.


Step 3: Download The Files

PoGo-UWP maintains their files on a GitHub for you to download here: https://github.com/. Download these directly onto your phone.


Step4: Enable Developer Mode and Device Portal

Go to your Windows Phone 10 settings and use the search feature to find developer mode under developer features. You want to make sure that this is enabled so that you can download third party apps. Then find device portal and make sure that it is turned on. Under device portal, you will also see an IP address that you can use to connect to your phone.

Put this IP address in an internet browser on your computer and you will be brought to Windows Device Portal. Click on Apps and add the .appx file you downloaded earlier. Also add the two dependencies under the decencies section.

Click go to officially start the process.


Step 5: Launch The App

The last thing you have left is to launch PoGo-UWP. It should be noted that the app will not be as fully features as the official Pokemon Go app but it will still allow you to catch your favorite Pokemon.

Newer features will also take some time to appear as they have to be added to the app by the developers of PoGo-UWP after the features have been added publicly to Pokemon Go.