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I have had the worst experience in such a long time with Uber. I left my phone in an Uber last Thursday night. Unfortunately, I cannot log into my Uber Account as I don't have my phone. I emailed Uber and they eventually got me in touch with the the driver. He confirmed that he had my phone and that he would return it to me on Saturday night 8th December. When I spoke to the driver on the Saturday night, he asked for £50 to return my phone - I said that was holding me to 'ransom'. I told him I would pay him something and eventually even said I would pay him the £50. He will not now contact me and I don't know where my phone is. I have been a loyal and regular Client of Uber for some time and I can't believe that I can't easily get my phone returned. I have sent numerous emails to Uber Help line (I think the name is definitely wrong!!) and I phoned their contact number (in the Phillipines!!). No HELP available I am afraid. My email is patricia.b.mcnicholas@aib.ie and if there is any sincere helpful person out there that could take the time to help me get my phone back, it would be very much appreciated. We are supposed to be in the season of 'goodwill' I am so disappointed with Uber and it just reduces my confidence to use their services in the future!!!