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I attended Royal Preston Hospital A&E on the 12 February between the hours 22:30-03:00 on 13 February The payment system has changed since I last went there, I could not see the payment point and assumed there would be one at the exit but could not find one,drove around the one way system and returned to the car park to find the payment point (pay here sign not illuminated and machine facing away-not very visible in the dark) entered the my car's details and it came up with the details that I had been in the car park for only 4 minutes could not find the transaction for the previous 4-5 hours to pay the ticket. I went inside to A&E reception to tell them of the problem and they gave me the paper with the phone number on, called the number but asked for a 13 digit reference number which I do not have and no person picks up so I am unable to pay the charge (I was told that if the charge is paid within 24 hours there is no penalty Do I wait for the ticket to arrive and then appeal?