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dear sir/madam i went to bury market on the 26/06/19 and paid three pounds into the parking meter on the other side of car park,i received your letter today 05/07/19 with the fine enclosed, obviously i have paid for wrong car park?, i am 70 yrs old and my wife and mother were with us,(mother is 93 and registered blind and disabled because she cannot walk and we use wheelchair to push her around, never any disabled spaces empty when we have been before because not many,but do not mind paying, blue badge holder. I am very sorry that i have parked in your car park but must admit bury market car park and yours are very confusing, i thought it a was all one car park and did not know it was split into two, as we are pensioners so this fine is a lot to us. mr m.blamires, ref no224031/607251 tel 01274975493