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Supplying energy to homes in the United Kingdom is a critical part of the national economy. The sector is divided into; electricity generation, transportation of gas, and sale of electricity to consumers. Of these, the electricity and gas markets are privatized. Private companies are therefore, responsible for lighting up the cities. It also means that customers have the opportunity to choose among competing rivals in the market.

Service are Offered

Generation of Electricity is done mostly at large power stations and sometimes in smaller scale power stations connected to the regional distribution networks.

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Transmission and distribution of electricity make up the network. While transmission networks are designed to carry electricity for long distances and at high voltages, distribution networks run lower voltages into homes and businesses.

Suppliers purchase wholesale supply of energy and sell it to customers in households and businesses. The suppliers in UK work under a competitive market. This is an advantage to consumers who have a wide variety of options for their energy sources.

Main Companies

Britain’s largest energy suppliers are popularly known as the Big Six. They are responsible for lighting up 50 million households and businesses.

They include:

  • British Gas
  • EON Energy
  • EDF
  • Scottish power
  • SSE

Apart from these top well-known suppliers, there is a myriad of smaller energy suppliers upcoming in the market.

Energy is the biggest resource that propels the economy on a daily basis. Without a reliable supply of energy, they will be back to the 19th century in no time.

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