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British Gas Helpline Contact

Contact with British Gas Customer Service

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British Gas trading limited is a company that has been in existence for more than 200 years and since then has evolved to the leading producer and supplier of energy in the United Kingdom. Its products and services include electricity, gas, renewable energy, plumbing and drains as well as home appliance services.

BritishGas is listed on the London stock exchange and while it started out as a government-owned corporation, it became privatized some 30 years ago.



British Gas Customer Service

There are about 25.000 employees with full dedication and commitment to ensuring that customers are satisfied, that´s why customer service department is one of the most important in British Gas. There are many ways to contact the company, but there is a British Gas contact us option on their page that people can make use of as well as a phone number to make requests or enquiries, that option allows the company to provide British Gas free phone number customer services to its clients, just call at 800 048 0202.

there might come a time when you require a connection or there has been a leakage in your building. In such time, you will have to come in contact with the British Gas Customer Service Department.

You can also write your queries to their postal address: HomeCare Membership Office, Murdoch House, Bothwell Road, Uddingston, G71 7UD, United Kingdom. The alternative way to contact them is as follows:

  • Facebook page: facebook.com/britishgas
  • Twitter page: twitter.com/britishgas
  • YouTube Videos: youtube.com/britishgas
  • Google+: plus.google.com/+britishgas
  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/british-gas


British Gas Contact Number

If you are suffering from any of the gas or electricity related issues there is nothing to worry about because British Gas is at your services. You can call British Gas contact number at 0800 048 0202 to contact support and help staff team.

One of the best things about British Gas customer service is that they have a moving home, It means that as soon as you will contact them they will readily reach the location that you have mentioned.

If you are eager to discuss some query or know about something or to pay up your electricity or gas bills, then you can reach the qualified customer care service team of British Gas UK at 0800 048 0202 free contact number. You can have all account enquiries directed towards this helpline number, including bill payment query to British Gas or change the energy tariff.



British Gas Helpline

In case, you are moving house and is interested to have your energy supply transferred to the new address, or simply cancel your existing account with this provider and switch onto another supplier, then dial British Gas helpline at 0800 048 0202. You need to make your calls from Monday to Friday, between 8am to 8pm and on Saturday between 8am to 6pm.

In case, you have speech or hearing difficulties, then you can contact this helpline 18001 or 0800 072 8626 using your minicom or textphone. If you are looking for Welsh language helpline, then the freephone number to call up is 0800 072 8630.


British Gas homecare contact number

You can also call up British Gas homecare at 0333 202 9802, to report broken down heater, gas leaks and for managing your account. You are free to use any British Gas homecare contact number for notifying the provider about any problem faced with your boiler, or to avail technical assistance while submitting meter readings as well as to top up prepayment gas card. It is open from Monday to Friday, between 8am to 8pm and on Saturday between 9am to 5pm to deal all types of non-emergency enquiries.

If you are a customer in the “Pay as you go energy” category, then call up 0800 048 0303 and make enquiries related to your service. If you find your meter to be faulty and is eager to have an engineer to come down to replace or repair it, then call up this number. Again, if you find your gas card or electricity key has been lost, stolen or found faulty, then you can use British Gas phone number. You can also have your tariff changed or prefer monthly bill structure.

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I need help to found out what my accounts numbers are for gas and electricity
Got home care had new boiler pay monthly just need a boiler service been going on for 3months trying to get a service,,,, if your reading this and not in the uk ignore because you are a waste of my time good bye . If you are in the uk and work for bg pls reply thanks
Hello. Can you help me to get my gas boiler check as soon as possible,please. I am selling my house and I desperately need boiler check sertificate. I have already paid for the service on 2nd March,2020, but my annual service was cancelled due to Covid-19. My Home Care number is 911003146306. I have called to different numbers, but I was told to wait for three months.It is too long, help me ,please to book a boiler check as soon as possible.Thank you.
I need to talk to someone regarding my gas top up card I would like a phone number to call
I wish to make a complaint as I have been charged for landlord central heating and boiler cover which should have finished on 16 April 2017. Thank you.