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EDF Energy Phone Number Contact

Contact EDF Customer Service helpline

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EDF Energy is a British company that supplies energy to homes offices and various industries, it was founded in the year 2002 and so far has been a leading company in the world of energy supply in the United Kingdom. EDF Uk has its headquarters located in London (England) and it supplies energy in two major forms namely: gas and electricity. Currently it has its number of employees standing at over 12.000 people with a revenue of about 8,000 million Pounds.

EDF Customer Service


EDF Customer Service

Moreover there is an EDF contact us option on the page of the company with a specific phone number to serve that purpose. As a registered customer with EDF you get to utilize this option while also giving you first-hand access to the products of the company. Overall EDF is able to deliver an excellent customer service and thereby build a robust relationship with its customers.

There might be many questions in your mind that you want to be given answers to regarding the EDF UK, for that, the best thing would be if you were aware of EDF customer service contact information or the other methods through which you can get in touch with the EDF.

EDF is widely regarded as the leading supplier and producer of low-carbon electricity which shows the commitment of the company to the environment to reduce the greenhouse effect. To make it easier for people to enjoy the services provided by EDF there is a section for customers to create a personal account so that it will be easier to make enquiries and also enjoy phenomenal EDF customer service.

The EDF has many different platforms for their customers to get in contact with them and some of them have been listed below:

  • The first thing that you must know is the EDF Energy customer service phone number that is 0871 976 3734. You can call and get your issues resolved
  • EDF has the service of chat now where their experts and advisors will meet your concerns in a limited amount of time
  • EDF Energy also has the services of the live chat where you can get in contact with the professional in the best possible way
  • In case that you are still not satisfied, you can email EDF at media@edfenergy.com

So the time has come that you discuss all your concerns with the right person at the EDF UK. They have all the EDF customer services for you so make sure that you utilize them.

Contact by phone


EDF Energy phone number

Before calling EDF Energy it is always best to have your account number ready so that you can get quick service. This number starts with 67 in most cases.

Have a natural gas emergency? Then you can contact EDF Energy phone number at 0800 111 999, this helpline is available 24/7 for emergencies only.

Have a power outage or electrical emergency? Call 105 from your landline or mobile and the operator will connect you with the proper network distributor. EDF Energy also has an electrical emergency line in the following phone number 0800 096 9000 that can be used to connect you with the right electrical distributor.

Technologically savvy people may want to chat with an EDF Energy Adviser instead of having to wait on the phone. That can be done at edfenergy.com/for-home/help-support/contact. The green box contains the chat service.

EDF Energy has a very helpful page located here: edfenergy.com/for-home/help-support/contact. On this page you can see answers to questions that people have already asked and other helpful answers. You can always check here if you think someone has had the same question before.

So remember, EDF offers you many ways to get in touch with them although EDF customer service telephone number is the most frequently used by clients based on their experience


EDF contact number 0345

Are you a new customer for EDF UK wondering who to contact for sales enquiries? The Tariff sales department can be reached at 0800 096 4063 Monday thru Friday 8 am to 8 pm, you can also call on Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm.

Account queries can be directed to EDF contact number 0345, this number has the same hours as the sales enquiry line. Want to pay your existing bill? The automated bill payment contact number is 0800 015 1736, keep in mind an automated service will walk you through the process of paying.

Finally, for priority services you can call the EDF free telehone number for priority services at 0800 269 450.

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Acc #: 671084442653 Six weeks ago I received a letter saying that I would receive a credit of £140 to my account. Why have I not been credited as such? It is pointless trying to phone you as I waited 35 minutes and gave up. Please may I have a reply to this query as soon as possible. Phone: 01923 270 576 email: schultznommereen@gmail.com