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Irish Water Ireland Customer Service Number

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Irish Water is the main national water utility for Ireland, meaning their services are pivotal to ensuring your overall well-being and health.

When it comes to getting in touch with companies, it can be a little tricky to know where to start. Fortunately, if you have any concerns about the water supply and need to get in touch with them, you can contact Irish Water in multiple different ways.


How to Contact Irish Water

If you need to get in touch with Irish Water to report a fault or a concern, you can get in touch with the team through the following methods.

Certain methods will provide a faster or immediate response time than others, but the decision is entirely down to the customer.

Call Irish Water


Online Enquiry Form

For general enquiries for non-business customers, the brand has an online enquiry form that you can use to request further information.

A separate online enquiry form is also available for business customers, so always check you’ve got the right form before sending it to avoid delays in response.


Irish Water Emergency Contact Telephone Call

If you are experiencing an emergency, then you can call the Irish Water team directly on 1800 278 278 or using the International phone number +353 1 707 2828. Phone lines are available 24/7 for support, making this one of the most efficient and effective ways to get in touch with the team.

Common emergencies that you might want to report to Irish Water using this phone number would include sewage problems, environmental pollution, and blockages.

To report a flood, the Irish Water team asks that 999/112 be contacted if this poses a danger to human life.


Text to Voice Calls

Customers make text to voice calls to Irish Water using the 1800 378 378phone number for hearing impaired customers. Minicom users should also use this.


Irish Water Social Media

Customers of Irish Water can get in touch for customer care queries on the brand’s Twitter page @IWCare. Twitter support is available between 9 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday and between 9 AM and 5:30 PM on Sundays, and the team endeavours to respond to these queries as quickly as possible.

The team also have a Facebook page that customers can use to message Irish Water. Nonetheless, customers do not use the Irish Water Facebook page as commonly used as the Twitter page.


Contact Irish Water by Email

Customers can contact the Irish Water team by email for either general enquiries and complaints or for water service complaints. The email addresses to use for these situations are customerservice@water.ie and operations@water.ie, respectively.


Posted Letter

For customers who’d prefer to send a letter to Irish Water, the company’s main postal address is Irish Water, PO Box 860, South City Delivery office, Cork City.

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