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Paypal Ireland Customer Service

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PayPal, formerly known as Confinity, was established in 1998 to provide financial services to customers in different parts of the world. The company is a subsidiary of eBay, one of the world largest e-commerce retail stores.

PayPal Holdings, Inc is a worldwide online payments system with origin from the U.S. the company provides online money transfers as an electronic alternative to the traditional method of payment. Internet entrepreneurs widely use it as means of exchange to facilitate online trading activities.

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PayPal makes its services available to businesses and individuals with valid email address to securely send and receive money conveniently in the comfort of their homes and office on their internet-enabled device whether on a desktop computer, tablet or Smartphone.

PayPal is renowned, secure and easy to use method with the help of which you can make or receive payments from any other source, when there are anything related to finances there are always problems. While someone is complaining about getting lesser payments others may not understand the charges.

Moreover, as it is secure way of payment the online security norms are very tough. Hence, while using PayPal many customers comes across a lot of problems.

To maintain their goodwill and reputation PayPal Ireland has a number of customer service options open so that their customers can get their issues resolved fast. For the regular users of Paypal Ireland it is best to get registered with them so that the whole process is fast and effective.

Even if someone is not registered they too can get help as a Guest, so find below different ways in which you can contact Paypal Customer Service:

  • If there is any problem with password then the best way to get help is by calling Paypal contact number 24/7. The number is 0800 3587911 and their expert customer care executives will ask you certain questions and then provide you password over phone. However, for any other issues too you can always get to their customer support where your problems will be handled with care and resolved fast.
  • Visit their website and you will find quick answers to those issues that are common. If you can get solution to your issues from there then you do not have to wait and take a call. PayPal Ireland has answered wide range of questions that will be helpful in resolving many issues.
  • You can email PayPal Customer Service about the issue about which you are concern. In order to email them your issue at their customer care email id you need to have Log in. you cannot email them as a guest customer. Their customer care executives will answer your email fast with the required solution.
  • You can join Paypal customer service community forum and ask your issues there. it is always active with different PayPal users and you will get reply prompt from other users who are using PayPal. Even if you do not get much help your post will be checked by customer care experts from PayPal and they will response back to you soon.
  • After all this still if your problem is not resolved then you can email a formal complaint and you will find quick action.

Support and Assistance


Paypal Ireland Helpline

If you have any issue with your account or you detect any fraudulent transaction, call inmediatly to Paypal helpline and report it to their customer service team, there is a free contact number for this kind of issues, 0800 3587911. Keep in mind this helpline is available 24/7.

To get your issues resolved you can contact the customer services of Paypal by calling them at 0871 976 0728. You will get the extraordinary services that you deserve and Paypal support team will make sure to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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