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Hastings Direct is a UK company offering insurance services through online, phone and brick and mortar branch locations across the UK. The company was launched in 1997 and has become one of the fastest growing insurance brokers in the UK.

Hastings Direct is a brand name of Hastings Insurance Services Limited. The company was acquired in 2009 from Insurance Australian Group and developed into one of the UK’s leading insurance services providers. The company is interested in a happy customer and long-term relationships with its clients and has remained committed to providing quality, top-scale insurance products to make its customer proud.

Hasting telephone number


Hastings Direct Customer Service

Hastings Direct serves more than 2 million customers providing refreshingly straightforward products and services to become the most sought after insurer in the UK. Its product specialties include Car Insurance, Motorbike Insurance, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Bike Insurance and served by friendly customer service.

Hastings Direct provides 24/7 quality customer service and provides specific time 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays Monday through Friday to attend to customers on more critical matters. Customer can contact the company on their phone number or use the contact us page facility.

Hastings Direct UK is a company that provides insurance to a variety of clients. The areas they service include: car, home, bike, and van insurance. You hope that you never have to contact an insurance company but when you do need to, you want the process to be smooth and easy. Use our contact guide to know the best ways to contact Hastings Direct Customer Service.


Hastings car insurance contact number

Have you had a breakdown and need assistance? You can contact the breakdown hotline 24/7 at 0333 321 9680 for roadside assistance. For Car Insurance Claims you can contact Hastings car insurance contact number at 0333 321 9800. This number is available 24/7 for your reporting convenience, you can also use this number to call in bike insurance claims and van insurance claims. Finally, you should know www.hastingsdirect.com car insurance contact is one of the services frequently used by customers, due to the high number of claims and queries coming from them.

Home Insurance Claims works a little differently and the company asks that you please contact Hastings insurance services ltd contact number that is found in your policy documents. If you need help finding that number you can contact Home Insurance customer service at 0333 321 9681

Hastings Car Insurance Customer Service can be contact at 0333 321 9801, as can the Bike Insurance customer service team, however, if you are trying to get ahold of van insurance, you can contact their customer service team at 0333 321 9682.

reach hasting-direct helpline


Hastings direct phone number

Don’t know what Hastings team you need to call or want to speak with someone to expedite filing an Incident Claim? Call the Incident Claim team at 0333 321 9800, this Hastings direct phone number is available 24/7.

If you simply want to see if someone has had the same question as you have had in the past, you can view the FAQ section of the Hastings Direct website at hastingsdirect.com/help. You can either filter questions by category or use the search option to find questions.

Need to file a complaint against Hastings Direct UK? Call Hastings premier contact number at 0333 321 9677 to speak with the complaints department. Those who want to make a change to their policy can find a quick guide on the contact us page of the Hastings Direct website: hastingsdirect.com/contact-us. You can also use this portion of the website to find any numbers that may not be listed here.

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Uninsured driver accident claim ref: 300-10-518 789. My policy no. XA20000169614. As you are aware Hoopers authorised the estimate from Fast Lane, Mercedes-Benz Bodyshop Brentford, subject to an excess of £425.00 payable on completion of repairs. As you are also aware that you comfirmed NO excess is payable on this claim. You agreed to send an email to: Fast Lane Mercedes-Benz Body Shop, Brentford for the attention of: Glen to confirm NO EXCESS is payable in order for him to book the car in for repairs. Thank you for doing that. We will get in touch with Glen tomorrow morning to book the car for necessary repairs, hopefully there won’t be any more delay. Thank you again.
My insurance has been affected by someone at HASTINGS vindictively adding an unknown accident on my file. Other insurance companies have tried to get this sorted without success. This cannot be legal.
Tried before from you got to stage 3 it froze . Not call you charge to much rip off.07834691244. If you want my custom plea we call.