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Online Contact Numbers

World over, Online-ecommerce is fast growing and it is not only in the UK. Empathy broker did a study over a period of 2 months examining over 3,000 adults. It showed that 51% of shoppers preferred to buy online as compared to traditional styles of physical location to buy good or get services. Further, more than half the buyers said they increased their online shopping trends in 2018 more than in 2017.

Services Offered

Online-ecommerce in the UK offers a range of services from selling of household goods to finding apartments for sale. Houses for rent and acquiring a range of different service providers online are also common.

Main companies in these sector

Online-ecommerce companies that are available in the UK include;

  • Amazon
  • John Lewis
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Apple – For devices iPhones, MacBooks, and iPods.
  • Tesco – It sells almost everything that can be found in the local stores, from clothes to groceries.
  • Easyjet – It offers services such as advice on booking of flights.
  • Play- Offers mostly gaming materials and is still considered one of the best sites concerning e-commerce in the UK.

United Kingdom Ecommerce

Importance of the online e-commerce sector in the UK

One of its significance to the buyer is that it is convenient. It also cuts on fuel because fewer motorists drive to the stalls to get their items or services. This also helps ease traffic gridlocks on the highways caused by many shoppers driving to go and purchase from a physical store. Additionally, for the UK as a whole, it gives it a good database that helps them know trends of what sells and to which population. This helps them make decisions around taxes and other costs that are related to pricing of the good and services.

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