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Airbnb Helpline Contact

Contact with Airbnb Ireland Customer Service

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Airbnb is an online marketplace based in the U.S, Airbnb Ireland lets people rent holiday accommodation for a small fee. It lets them list properties as holiday accommodations for a little processing fee.

There are plenty of reasons why you might need to contact the customer support team of Airbnb Ireland, including enquiries and complaints.

There are thousands of commuications among Guest and Host and at the end there is an economical transaction for a house rental, but there is no always a happy ending, so for those cases exists Airbnb toll free number to inform the company about which is the problem or complaints, Airbnb will try to fix it asap.


Airbnb Helpline from Ireland

You can call up the Airbnb helpline, 1 697 1831, which is a toll-free number that will help you to be in touch with a customer service member. It is a dedicated phone number, and you can call it for any concerns or questions that you might have regarding Airbnb.

It is easy to contact the local office of Airbnb, and have the knowledgeable, friendly staffs deal happily with any of your problems. In case you have any issue with your guest or host you can inform Airbnb about this problem, they will be happy to help you in their helpline service.

Airbnb has over time evolved to become one of the biggest companies in the world with a lot of users making use of its services. As one of its keys to success, providing an efficient customer support service has been a key area that the company has focused on over the years.

Airbnb is being used by a lot of people and of course so many people would like to know how to get in touch with a customer care representative of the company in case they have any issues with services, inquiries or request. In this article we will be discussing the various ways in which you can contact Airbnb Ireland.


How to Contact Airbnb Customer Service?

You can call Airbnb customer service team for the following reasons:

  • For assistance with booking a property, whether a house, tree house, manor house or apartment or a boat, castle, tee-pi, private island or igloo.
  • For questions regarding any problem with an existing booking.
  • For talking to trained staffs regarding discussions about your property.

Whether you a small or mid-sized business client or a domestic customer, you can contact Airbnb customer service during business hours to get any assistance you might require.

Calling Airbnb phone number is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with the customer support staffs for any complaint or query. They can also be contacted online, in case you do not have any direct emergency and do not need any urgent response.

Other than calling up Airbnb customer support phone number 1 697 1831, you can contact it in various other ways for an enquiry, you may fill up the email contact form or use the live chat facility on the official website of the company.

Airbnb guests and hosts who need to resolve their queries often seek a direct mode of communication with the customer support staffs of the company, and get fast responses without needing to wait for long. Even if the phone line is busy, you can use the Live Chat or contact form option.

The customer service team of Airbnb is available 24/7 to offer you help with all your delivery requests. You can get fast answers to all your questions, or make bookings for your hotel alternatives for your holiday or next business trip. In case of any emergency, Airbnb urgent phone support is available at 203 318 1111, don´t waste time and reach it as soon as you can.


Airbnb Phone Number

For any issues that you may have with your Airbnb accommodation, the owner or service quality in the United Kingdom, you can call Airbnb Uk phone number at 0203 318 1111 and a customer representative will be on hand to attend to all of your request and resolve any complaint that you might have.

To reach a booking specialist, call the above number to find out the best accommodations for you on your next trip to Ireland.


Airbnb Contact Email

Airbnb’s email cannot be accessed directly so you will need to visit Airbnb website to get this done, on the website, log into your Airbnb account.

Once you have logged in successfully, navigate to the Airbnb Help Center and click on “Contact us” (there are a lot of options in this section, one of which should serve the purpose why you wish to get in touch with the company).

If none of the options available satisfies you, you will see another option, “Something else” which if you select, will take you to a form that you can fill and write your request or complaint and send via email.

Airbnb maintains a very active social media presence and the company strives to make sure its staff remain active on these platforms since they are very public channels through which customers can easily reach them.

To reach Airbnb on Twitter, go to witter.com/AirbnbHelp and to get in touch with Airbnb on Facebook, go to facebook.com/Airbnb.

Dear airbnb, my guest has broken my home and i cannot contact him, so i wish to speak with airbnb customer service to talk about who is going to pay it. My phone number is 0330-432-7886
You have a shit site! We booked a place and payment was declined- I called-stupid number-so we paid our deposit and now you do f want the rest! I am totally surprised how you work
Hello I booked a property in Florida USA for 25th August 2020 for 1 week, property was CASA BOUGAINVILLA, 4628 Bougainvilla Drive, Fort Lauderdale by the sea, Florida, FL33308, United States. I had to cancel this booking due to the COVID19 PANDEMIC and our flights being cancelled due to the same PANDEMIC, I have since contacted the host and explained our situation and I have been informed by her that the refund has been sent via Airbnb so I need to know when your company plan to refund me. Please send me confirmation via email, SMS :- andyccarey@msn.com andyjulie.carey@outlook.com 07976287066. If no contacted has been received within in 10 working days I will have no alternative but to refer this matter through my banking travel insurance and let them deal with this situation' Thank you Andrew Carey
I am currently setting up an air b and b experience and have seen that I need to fill in a quiz regarding safety but do not know where to access this quiz. I would also like to know how what else I need to do