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Deliveroo Customer Service Contact

Contact Deliveroo Phone Number

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Deliveroo is an online British company that delivers food and is currently providing its services in eight-four cities in the UK and several other countries. The company has currently around 19,000 technically self-employed couriers and has employed over 12,500 employees.

The high number of competent employees at Deliveroo ensures that high quality service is provided to the customers.

The high quality of service that Deliveroo provides is corroborated with an excellent support provided by Deliveroo customer service experts. The consistency in providing high quality service and effective marketing has led to increase in the number of customers significantly.

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Deliveroo Contact Number

Deliveroo’s customer service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week to deal with customers’ queries, complaints and other customer service requests. A call on Deliveroo contact number is probably the quickest way to get in touch with the customer support service staff and get your queries addressed. If you are ready to call them, you should reach the following Deliveroo phone number +44 203 322 3444. Deliveroo is quick at responding to complaints and struggles to provide its customers the best service.

Deliveroo UK joins with the best restaurants in the business from nearby hotspots to national top picks and present to you the nourishment you cherish, right to your doorstep. You can call Deliveroo customer care using their helpline at +44 203 699 9977 in case you want to connect with an individual from their customer service.

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This is the devoted Deliveroo telephone number used for any inquiries or worries that you may have concerning your Deliveroo item or service and it is constantly accessible every day. The activity of Deliveroo customer support includes preparing new customer accounts, keeping up customer accounts, executing changes to existing accounts, and filing documents and other printed material. Deliveroo's obligations include answering phone calls and making the necessary transfers.

When you contact Deliveroo UK customer service, a customer service representative will become available to you, you should feel free to address your inquiries regarding products and services. What's more, they manage and help settle any customer protests. For example, a customer representative may help you in opening a account or help you to fix an issue in if you can't get to your account or if your request never arrived. More often than not, customer service representatives accumulate their information by means of a phone call.


Deliveroo Customer Service

Deliveroo’s team is proficient in providing efficient customer support service through ‘live chat’ or the ‘contact us’ function provided on the website. They are incredibly fast in replying to customers’ queries and never fail to resolve customers’ issues. The customers do not have to wait for long periods to get in touch with Deliveroo Customer Service number and that´s a great point for a company.

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Deliveroo provides one of the many services that other food delivery companies do not provide usually i.e. an online portal. Though most people want their concern to be dealt with by a Deliveroo expert, online portals are used largely by Deliveroo’s customers. Through the online portal, customers can make quick enquiries about food delivery if for instance, the delivery is delayed for some reason, or the food quality is not good. Deliveroo’s customer support team will address these matters and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Deliveroo’s team has recognized the importance of online support and has therefore, developed several options for the customers to get in touch with them. To get in contact with Deliveroo customer service team, leave a mail at support@deliveroo.co.uk and they will respond within a matter of few minutes or hours (24 hours maximum).


Deliveroo Contact Options

Beside calling the Deliveroo customer service, there are some different ways that you can do to make an enquiry. You can enquire by emailing them at support@deliveroo.co.uk in which you should give your email, your name and your complain. The customer service representative must deal with your issue with respect to the organization's rules and approaches.

The Deliveroo UK customer care representative first ensure that the complains made are substantial and must do whatever they can inside the limits of their power to ensure the customer is fulfilled when he hangs up the telephone. From time to time, the representatives may endeavor to take care of the issues or propose solutions. If your complaint is validated, customer service personnel will be approved to send customers their replacement items or reverse erroneous fees.

Another method for reaching Deliveroo customer service is by using deliveroo UK live chat service on the organization's website. Deliveroo Live chat empowers their specialists to multitask and help a few guests without a moment's delay, chat specialists can deal with at least three chats at the same time.

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Deliveroo Uk Live chat enables you to get fast solutions to your inquiries in light of their services. Deliveroo live chat takes care of your issues quicker, and they ensure that they are constantly accessible. With deliveroo live chat supervisors approach all chat histories, which can be arranged, sought and sifted to rapidly learn customer pain points. In this manner, administration can without much of a stretch find the issues or needs of their customers and discover approaches to address and resolve them. This is one of the best advantages of live chat, you can undoubtedly get to deliveroo live chat service on the site deliveroo.co.uk/contact.

There's an App for deliveroo uk which is Free for iPhone and Android gadgets. The App enables you to get feeds and it additionally offers you to opportunity to rate and survey deliveroo services.

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Order from KFC - Order #1720 tonight (12/4/19) delivered in 96, Worple Road SW19 4 HZ was incomplete - paid but missing 2x Garlic & Buttermilk Mayo Dip Pot (value 2 x £0.40 = £0.8). Could I get the refund. Thank you
this evening i ordered fish and chips through you from bardsleys,delivery was to be 1950hrs.i phoned at 2015hrs and was told that the order was ready to pick-up,they even phoned back and told my wife it was just leaving .we tried to phone again but the call was not answered.the shop closes at 2130hrs. so no dinner ! but you have already taken the money from my account.i will expect this money back in my account friday morning plus something as a sorry for our cockup yours j c elliott
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I have noticed on my bank statement an amount of £23.52 dated 15/03/20. which I did not make.
I am trying to apply for a delivery driver role. However I can't progress beyond the screen with the right to work in the UK. Please advise. Thanks