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AppleCare Helpline Contact

How to Contact AppleCare Ireland

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For a renounced company like AppleCare, having a strong customer support team is essential, otherwise the reputation of the company will be destroyed.

People always go for those brands and companies who have good customer support system, in case of AppleCare customer service, this department is unparallel.

You can call them anytime to seek help for your device or for a repair. Now if you’re a customer of AppleCare then make a profile in their website. Otherwise it’s still easy to contact AppleCare and get help about any of their products.

Here the ways of contacting the customer care department of AppleCare are listed below, suit yourself with the best option.

Assistance and support

  • Call up AppleCare contact number Ireland at 0800 058 2222, it´s a free phone number, and simply specify your gadget and problem through their questioning system. You can consult with them anytime and if any repairing is required then they will take the initiation to help you out.
  • You can chat with AppleCare customer care executives, they are very helpful. In AppleCare, if your device is needs any repairing, then the customer support executive will help you out to do it, you don’t need to take any step for it.
  • Being an AppleCare customer, all you need to do is register your gadget in their website and make your customer profile in their website. After that whenever you’re contacting AppleCare Uk phone number you won’t have to provide any details.
  • Appel also offers their customer support email address contactus.uk@euro.apple.com. In any case if you forget to call them or contact them or don’t have time to do all these, simply drop a mail regarding your issue in this email address and AppleCare will return call or contact you back. Even if you need to repair your gadget or any information about a new and upcoming one, they will also provide that service on email-request.

There are other ways of contacting the customer support department of AppleCare, you can simply join their customer forum, where you can get solves for your issues related to gadgets.

Also you can subscribe for the weekly and monthly articles of AppleCare, where they provide information about new gadgets and solves to problems related to any gadget of AppleCare.

In case you need urgent assistance, we suggest you to visit your nearest Apple Store.

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I was speaking to your office at 3pm today in Cork trying to resolve a problem downloading Safari when the call was cut off. I have been unable to reconnect to the Cork number (+353 21 425 9200) nor have I been re-contacted by them. Martin Lemon 07836712364 martinlemon7@gmail.com