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Cable & Wireless was a worldwide British telecommunications services provider started in 1852 by John Pender. Cable & Wireless is a major player in the development of communication facilities that developed into what communication network is today.

Cable and Wireless became defunct in 2010 after it was bought by Vodafone and resuscitated but was absorbed into Vodafone in 2013 to mark the end of its operations under the name Cable & Wireless Worldwide Plc.

Cable & Wireless now operates under the name Vodafone which is a British information and telecommunication company founded in 2007 with headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company services the global information and communication need providing IT services, IT consulting and Telecommunications.

Cable & Wireless was bought in 2012 with an agreement for £1.04 billion, and by the acquisition, Vodafone has access to cable & wireless' vast network of telecommunications infrastructure worldwide. It enables Vodafone to provide unified communication solutions to large enterprises both in the Uk and across the world. It is also able to expand its enterprise integration services in new markets in the leading countries of the world using cable & wireless infrastructure.

Cable & Wireless foresight investment in cable & wireless asset paid off as the company’s vast proprietary information, and intellectual assets enabled Vodafone to tap and access new and huge market like the US. The company in 2012 got supplier status to the US Federal Government under GSA Schedule 70 to become the first non-US mobile provider to merit the status. Contact Cable & Wireless customer service on their phone number for more information.

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