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Lycamobile is a telecommunication company that has been in existence for about 10 years and has its headquarters in the United Kingdom with operations in about 21 countries around the world. Lycamobile is about providing people with quality and affordable rates to make international calls and so far the company has been enjoying success and wants to keep growing in that direction. Lycamobile has bundles that allows customers to make calls worldwide at an amazingly cheap rate.

Lycamobile Customer Care

Once people register their SIM cards, they sign up and then they can have access to the bundles made available by Lycamobile. Lycamobile is also into charity work by trying to improve lives of the less-privileged people around the world.

Lycamobile has a contact us option which can be utilized using a dedicated Lycamobile top up phone number reserved for this purpose. This way, customers are able to make enquiries and have their questions answered which then allows the company to deliver phenomenal customer service to people.


Lycamobile Customer Service

To contact Lycamobile customer care you can give them a call at 020 7132 0322, and if you are already a customer of Lycamobile you can give them a call at 322 from your registered mobile number. When calling the Lycamobile customer service executives you can instantly get your queries answered and your complaints get registered in seconds. You can also track the details of your complaints and queries made to Lycamobile UK.

However calling the customer care executive from your Lycamobile at 322 is not free of charge. If you want to contact Lycamobile helpline from abroad you need to give them a call at + 44 20 7132 0322. Lycamobile also has the option to get in touch with you by getting in your details that is if you go to their official website you can fill in a form about you and the customer care executive will get back to you for answering your details.

You can also file your complaint or contact Lycamobile customer care representative via sending them emails at complaints@lycamobile.co.uk, the best part of the Lycamobile customer care if they keep you updated with all the Complaints that you have made and keep telling you the progress of the complaints and once the complaint is resolved you will receive a call from them to verify the same.

They have the policy to resolve every complaint registered with them within 5 working days. If you feel that your queries do not get answered through a telephone or an email you can simply drop by at any local store of the Lycamobile UK and file your complaint there.

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