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O2 Customer Service Contact

O2 Contact options

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The O2 believes in keeping in touch with their customers. Even if you’re not a customer you can contact O2 very easily and they will help you with your queries immediately.

There are many ways to contact the customer service department of O2. Some of them are direct interaction with the executives of customer care department of O2 and others are joining their communities in social networking sites.

You can choose the best possible option for you. Here is a list of how many ways you have to contact o2 free of charge with the customer care department, let’s have a look.

contact o2


Contact O2 free of Charge

If you have a look to internet search engine results, there are many contact numbers displayed in Internet associated to O2, but many of them are not completely free and you will be charge for every minute or call made.

You can call O2 free phone number 0800 977 7337 and ask them to assist you with your new device or your connectivity of your phone. In telephonic conversation you have to go on some typical answering systems to ensure what is the exact problem you’re facing.

After ensuring this, the customer service executives of O2 UK will shift your call to the specific people who can deal with the issue. Remember it´s free of charge to call 0800 number, so, take your time because O2 has a very strong customer care department and they will certainly help you out of any kind of problem with your device.


O2 Customer Service

You can chat with any O2 Ireland customer service executive live to solve your problem. They are very friendly and helpful people, simply initiate a chat box in the O2 website and there you go (no need to go through a detailed answering system unlike telephonic conversation).

You can directly ask a customer care executive about the problem you’re facing and s/he will help you out, nevertheless in case you prefer to make a call, O2 customer service number from phone may help you to contact that strong customer care team and there is adequate number of people there.

Helpline contact

Well if you think telephonic or live chat won’t work for you then there is another way. Simply email them your problem to the customer care email id of the company. You can do that at any time of day. O2 UK is typically known for their great customer support team.

Now if you know about how easy it is to contact O2 through their website, you won’t ever think of calling or emailing them. Just go to the customer service page in the website of O2 UK, fill in the questions about your problem and there you go. They will get back to you all by themselves to solve your issue.


O2 Business contact

If you belongs to a large corporation or small business, O2 has created a special and dedicated department for you, O2 Business customer service department to attend all queries and requirements about their products and service. The helpline is available 24 hours a day so if you realized any problem with your O2 service, call urgently to their contact number to get assistance as soon as possible.

Datos empresa
I have been trying to contact you have top up my wifes phone not my phone
I used free telephone number as wished to know why I can no longer reply to a text from my son in Australia. Could not get past the first question asked by answering machine.. I was asked to press 1 or ? I need to reply urgently. There are many applications I don't use eg Internet and many have been stripped away eg weather, whats app. Cortana to name but a few. I think I need to review the situation and see if I need a different package or a different provider. I am pay as you go. My son can email me and it's frustrating not being able to reply. Hope you can help. Regards Marie walker.
I have just got a replacement phone and took my SIM out of my old phone and put it in my new phone and I carn't get my photos my contact numbers or any thing what can I do to solve it and get everything back.
How do I sim swap
My mobile phone has packed up and also the sim card and I would like to purchase a new phone and a sim but keep my old number. Please could someone help me as this is rather urgent Thank You.
I have tried to contact 02 many times but the electronic answering device seems to be out of order. It says sorry, I didn't quite catch that or you didn't enter an option. I am very annoyed about this. Being repeatedly unable to contact a telephone company is just ludicrous. Please respond.
I got a txt saying it was from o2 here is what it said “O2: We were not able to process your most recent bill. Your O2 services will be disabled unless your details are updated via: https://o2myinfo-help.com” I no longer have a mobile phone with o2 as you guys said no to my last upgrade after many years of a happy relationship .... I left o2 must be a year ago or more for Sky mobile. Kind Regards,
I am trying to find why I have been over charged as this is a contract is 5 pounds only I recieved a amount for 10 72
i have been trying without any luck to pay for my overdue account please help!