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Coop Contact Customer Service

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Phone Co-op is a telephone co-operative company whose services are availed all around the United Kingdom and has around 30,000 customers. It is a consumer cooperative that provides mobile, telephone and internet services. These services are inclusive of web hosting and broadband.

Besides being the one and only telephone co-operative in the United Kingdom, Phone Co-op is one of the companies that provide competent customer services to its customers. Though the company’s services are being used by millions of people, Phone Co-op never fails to provide competent customer support service.

The high quality of service that Phone Co-op provides is corroborated with an excellent support service provided by the customer support service experts. The consistency in providing high quality service and effective marketing has led to increase in the number of customers significantly.

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Getting in touch with Phone Co-op

To ensure proper communication between Phone Co-op and its customers, Phone Co-op has developed various communication methods where the customers can submit queries, complaints and resolve the technical internet or phone services issues.

Phone Call

To get in touch with Phone Co-op customer service team, the customers have the option to make a call at 01608 434 000. The team is available from 8 am to 9 pm seven days a week to reply to customers’ questions and hearing complaints.

Online Customer Service

Phone Co-op customers have several other options to contact the customer support service team. These options can be availed through choosing one of the online mediums offered by Phone Co-op which can be accessed through the ‘contact us’ page. These mediums include business customer services, technical support and customer services.

On clicking the business customer services, customer services or technical support, the Phone Co-op’s website takes you to a page where you need to enter your name, email, account number, and your question. You will also need to choose a topic to which your question relates. These topics include broadband, email, domains and hosting. The customer may choose the ‘other’ option if none of these topics are relevant. After the form is filled and submitted, the enquirer receives web-form information by email. The customer support service experts are quick at replying and are committed to resolve the issues at their earliest convenience.


Phone Co-op’s website provides a large number of frequently asked questions. These relate to phone and broadband services, mobile services, email support, fair phone, unified communications, VoIP and hosted, phone systems, inbound numbers, start-up fund, billing, pricing and service status. The customers usually find answers to their queries through these FAQs.

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