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Sky Ireland Contact

How to Contact Sky Customer Service?

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For a company as Sky Ireland TV, having a good customer service team is not only essential but also a very good process to reach more and more people. You will come across many advertisements of Sky channels, Sky broadband connections even Sky mobiles.

In short Sky-TV Ireland is in a whole a merchant of entertainment and when it comes to entertainment nobody loves any problem.

Everybody likes to have the best way and that is what SKY is all about, but in case you have any question as a customer or a non-customer you can simply contact Sky TV and they will help you out. For a customer of Sky it is helpful to have a personal profile in their customer care page.

Here a list is made to show you every possible ways to contact the customer care department of Sky TV.



Ways to contact Sky Helpline

  • Call up Sky TV: you can simply dial Sky customer services free and talk with their executives, they will help you to explain your problem and how to solve it, if any help is needed they will immediately send in support stuff to help you out. You don’t need to worry about it, Sky TV has strong customer care department, one of the best of Ireland.
  • You can even mail Sky your issue: they have provided their customer care email address in their website, just mail them your problem and as soon as they read it they will answer you and help you out. It is much friendly for a customer as you don’t have to worry their office is open or not, you can mail them even at night. It is only that they will contact you with in their office work hour.
  • You can chat with their customer care executive in their website: they have this provision too, If you don’t want to call sky helpline just initiate a chat box in their customer service page and start chatting with them about your problem with your broadband service or your set box or mobile you brought from their store.
  • Even they realise weekly and monthly articles on various problems you can face with your gadget or internet connection or any electronics for that matter. You can even subscribe for Sky Ireland and from that you can get your help. Even they have a forum of customers and customer support executives.

Keep in mind Sky TV works to make you happy.


Sky Helpline

It happens at times even to the best of us that we buy a device and we might run into some problems while using it. Sky TV has made a provision for all of its customers across all of its services to make sure that they do not have any problems using their products and if they do, there is an avenue for easy resolution of problems.

Generally, you can get in touch with Customer support service by dialing Sky contact number 03442 at +353 818 762 917 or free phone 08001512747.

Calling any of these numbers will patch you directly to Sky Customer service through which you can resolve any problems you're having with any of your Sky TV, Sky Broadband or Sky Talk services. You can contact Sky helpline between the hours of 8:00 am and 11pm everyday throughout the week.

There are various issues you can get resolved by simply placing a call to Sky Customer service such as setting up your new Sky service, changing your existing service package or canceling the service totally.

Technical Support


Sky Tv Customer Service

If you want to get in touch with Sky customer service from a foreign country, the best way to do this is by calling either of +353 818 762 917 or +44 800 151 2747 which will put you through to the main Sky customer service helpline.

If you are a new customer, there is a designated number that you can call, you can get in touch with Sky and resolve your request by dialing Sky helpline on 0344 241 4141 or +44 0800 151 2747.

Reporting a problem to Sky: In case you have a problem you would like to report such as service problems or power outage, you can dial Sky customer services free phone number 0800 at 08001512747 or +44 0344 241 4141. Sometimes, the solution to the problem you are facing may be a simple troubleshoot which the customer support will provide you with the steps. If the problem is a severe, you will be scheduled to meet with a Sky engineer to resolve it. Bottom line is, no matter what problem you may be facing, by calling Sky helpline, you will get a solution.

Problems or Inquiries on Sky TV: Sky is a major provider of TV services and it is a leading provider of television packages in the world. If you have problems with your Sky TV, you can call the number +44 0333 009 0596 or contact Sky freephone number at 0800 151 2747. These lines are open every day of the week between 8:30am and 11:30pm. You can call these numbers if you want to know more about Sky TV packages or to become a customer or resolve any issue you might be facing as an existing customer. Usually, any of these issues can be resolved via a phone call but in the event that a device or equipment is faulty then a repair may be scheduled with a Sky engineer.


Phone Number for Sky

Sky also provides internet services to a lot of people in the United Kingdom and the phone numbers you can get in touch with if you have any issues with your Sky Broadband are 0333 009 0596, these lines are open every day of the week between 8:30am and 11:30pm. Other phone numbers regarding Sky broadband are listed below:

  • Sky Customer Service: 0800 151 2747.
  • Become a Sky Broadband Customer: 0330 041 3828.
  • Upgrade your Sky Broadband: 0344 241 4141.
  • General problems with Sky Broadband: 03300 412 553.
  • Sky Broadband Pro: 0333 009 0596.
  • Cancel Sky Broadband: 03300 413 000.


Make a phone call at Sky deals for existing customers contact number when you need to treat a deal with Sky, they have some specialist representatives in this matters to help you with them.

Sky Talk: to get in touch with Sky Talk customer support, call the number 03300 412 553. This line is open every day of the week between 8:30am and 11:30pm. Sky Talk deals with the provision of telephone services and calling 03300 412 553 can help you resolve any issues you may be facing or even sign up for the service.

Canceling any of your Sky Services: If you want to get off any of the Sky services you signed up for, call Sky contact number cancellation at 0344 241 4141 and inform them of your intent to cancel. Make sure you stay on the line until the cancellation has been confirmed.

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I am considering moving to SKY for my TV and Broadband services. However, despite trying several times I am unable to make contact with any Sky representatives by telephone to discuss my options. Can a representative please contact me
I wish to inquire about setting up an account with you but I am unable to find any telephone number to contact you? I am living in the Republic of Ireland
I am a Sky Ireland customer. I do not however receive a bill but receive Sky advertising. I'm on a direct debit and my payments are up to date. When I have a query about my bill as I have at the moment my email isn't recognised.