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Addison Lee Ireland is london’s premiere automobile support and can be viewed as a useful, economical and safe cab services. Generally, Addison Lee customer support agents assemble their advice by way of this Addison Lee application.

This program is freely downloadable in the Appstore and Google play store and enables you to acquire a car on demand or pre-book around 3 months beforehand, get a Average on-demand pickup within 10 minutes at central London, receive a Fixed price once you reserve, no spike fees at peak times and Pay with money, card, PayPal or a Addison Lee Priority Account.

In this program, you have the capability to:

  • reserve on demand or beforehand.
  • monitor your driver coming.
  • pick from 4 different car types.
  • understand the cost before you travel and revel in loyalty offerings and rewards with bar Lee.

In case you've got a question concerning your booking, accounts, or want support then they will be delighted to assist. If you're seeking to create, amend or cancel a booking, then the fastest approach is on the app, just register or login then an associate of the Client Service staff will investigate and contact you as soon as possible.



Addison Lee Customer Support

The Addison Lee customer support representative interfaces with Addison Lee business clients to supply them with information to deal with petition in relation to this Addison Lee services.

Additional they handle and assist settle any client issues, for example, an Addison Lee client support staff in the united kingdom can assist you in starting an account or assist you regarding:

  • Your travel feedback.
  • Account assistance.
  • Booking assistance.
  • Creating a specialised booking.

Addison Lee customer service agents ensure first that the protestations made are significant and have to do anything they could within the limits of the capability to be sure the client is fulfilled.

Aside from utilizing the Addison Lee application, there are a number of different methods that you can utilize to make enquiries. Addison Lee also provides you online help for those people who have any queries, opinions or concerns connected to Addison Lee.

You may get in contact with them in addisonlee.com/support/ at which you ought to Simply login or enroll, or search their website for commonly asked questions.

In case you've got a question concerning your booking, accounts, or want service then submit a question with their contact form. An associate of the Client Service staff will investigate and contact you as soon as possible.

Telephone Numbers


Addison Lee Phone Numbers

Additionally you're able to telephone Addison Lee customer service with the number 0207 387 8888 for Booking and General Enquiries, the number 020 3800 0365 for Earnings and opening of accounts.

It is possible to use these numbers incase you wish to join with an individual out of their client services. The specified number is for customer support enquiries, reservations, sales and launching of accounts.

This is the dedicated AL telephone number used for almost any queries or concerns you might have regarding your Addison Lee service also it's always accessible daily. The action of Addison Lee customer support involves preparing new client accounts, maintaining up client accounts, implementing changes to existing balances, and earnings.

Addison Lee customer care duties includes answering telephone calls and producing the required transfers. When you get Addison Lee customer support, a client support representative will get accessible for you, you need to don't hesitate to handle your queries regarding services and products, what is more, they handle and assist in settling any client protests.

By way of instance, a client representative might assist you in opening an accounts or enable you to correct a problem in if you can not get to your accounts or if your cab never came.

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Complaint. Today I was in a black cab travelling from St Pancras station to Grosvenor Street when one of your drivers nearly forced us off the road. The registration number was EA16 XNR. The driver showed no concern and I have to say was not a good advert for Addison Lee. It is because of this dangerous driving, that you seem to encourage, that i have stopped using Addison Lee for business trips as there seems to be no consideration for anyone's safety. I am sure that no action will be taken against this driver but i was so shaken by the incident that i felt i had to write. Julie Howells