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Contact Dart Charge Customer Services

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Dart charge system is a free flow electronic charging system which began in 2014 in the United Kingdom. Dart charge is a charge levied upon crossing the Dartford-Thurrock River crossing or the ’Dartford Crossing’ in the United Kingdom.

The crossing had not been tolled until April 2003. In November 2014, the passengers could no longer pay the charge in cash and an automatic number plate recognition charging scheme started.

Contact Dart Charge

A well-established Dart Charge customer service department is available for ‘Dart Charge’ for airing complaints, addressing enquiries and providing other customer support services. Dartford crossing contact is regulated by Emovis on behalf of Highways England and the Secretary of State for Transport (they invite complaints from the users to help them improve the service).


Dart Charge Contact Number

Dart charge customer services is available 5 am to midnight, seven days a week. The support centre is open even on public holidays to ensure that customers receive the best support service, so the company offers Dart Charge contact number that is available on their website for contacting from somewhere within the United Kingdom is 0300 300 0120.

Dart charge has started an online support service where information about dart charge can be received and issues can be resolved. The online complaint service is available under the ‘Contact Dart Charge’ option on the website, along with guidance on how to make a complaint.

If you are disable you have not to pay Dart Charge, your vehicle will be verified and no actions are required. For further information about this kind of cost exemptions, call Dart Charge phone number and they will confirm you this information.

Customer Service contacts


Dart Charge Customer Service

The contact form requests for customer’s name, email address, vehicle registration number and dart charge account number. The customers are required to state whether the compliant relates to local resident’s discount scheme, personal accounts, fleet/ commercial accounts, foreign vehicles, penalty charge notice, billing, general enquiry or othe complaints.

The enquiry information box restricts enquirers to write sensitive personal or financial information for confidentiality purposes.

When making an online complaint if the complaint relates to a specific crossing, the complaint must set out the date(s) of crossing, Vehicle Registration Number, dates and times of previous dealings with customer support centre and any further relevant information. Complaints are addressed through email, to Dartford crossing phone number or post by Dart Charge support centre.

For appealing against the penalty charge notice, the support service either request to follow the instructions on the Dart Charge customer documentation or make an online representation through the website. The instructions for appealing against PCN are provided in the notice.

For freedom of information requests, Dart Charge customer service provides an alternative procedure and the form for airing general complaints cannot be used. The Dart Charge UK website provides guidance on how to make an FOI request and the request is required to be sent at info@highwaysengland.co.uk.

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Hello, I received a penalty charge letter on 20/03/18 with number IA93926178 regarding an unpaid crossing charge on 25/02/18 for vehicle PO52VTX. I have a confirmation receipt from 25/02 for 5 pounds. Could you advise why i received the penalty and how to proceed? Thank you.
ive messed my reg up as ive gone through the Dartford crossing though the reg was wr09ubv its actually wk09ubv now got a fine. it was easier when you had people in a barrier control. cant manage making a representation online
We have had a lot of mix ups over dart payments which are on our account now had court letters after contacting dart charge customer services with no response please go back to pay on spot with instant payments at the barriers
I wish to represent charge £2.50 On car I have sold. However it seems crazy I have put first class stamp to send to you. Do you not have email address for this service
I have revived charges and I have an account ? Can you help me please .
Hello, Friday 21st May my wife had an appointment at the Benenden hospital in Kent but due to the QE11bridge closure due to high winds she missed her appointment with traffic tail backs for several miles. Needless to say we are not happy as we left our home in plenty of time to cover for problems that may arise. I am aware that measures were put in place to try to reduce the chaotic flow of traffic but these measures were put in place far to late. From Sunday 16th May the weather forecast we’re repeatedly warning of 60 mile an hour winds and rain for Thursday and Friday so why wait until the last day before action was taken surely advanced weather warnings should ring alarm bells? Can someone explain why high sided vehicles are not directed through the tunnels leaving cars and smaller motorised vehicles to continue using the bridge? Dennis Hanna.
I paid dart charge 4th Sept you issued s fine saying not paid . I have receipt