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How to contact NCT Ireland Customer Service

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Introduced in 2000, the NCT is a mandatory test that all vehicles in Ireland must undergo. The NCT examines the roadworthiness, performance and safety of a vehicle, and assigns them a Pass or Fail depending on the results of the test.

A vehicle cannot be used if it fails the test, in order to maximise road safety for other road users. Items tested for their functionality include the tyres, brakes, lights and shock absorbers.

NCT Helpline

Exhaust fumes are similarly checked to see if their chemical contents comply with EU regulations on vehicle emissions. Upon passing the test, the car is given an NCT certificate which allows it to be used on the road safely and legally (if a driver is found without an NCT certificate, they could face a fine of up to 90 Euros).

For cars that are above ten years of age, the NCT has to be carried out every year, and for cars younger than that, the NCT is required after every two years. The cost of the test is 55 EUR, with additional costs incurred depending on the extra checks needed.


Booking an NCT test

If you wish to book an NCT or manage your current certification, then

  • Visit NCT’s website and use their online booking service.
  • You can also type your registration number in the search bar to find out the status of your certification.
  • Further, if you have any questions, the FAQs section has a useful set of information to answer the most common queries.

If you still require support, the NCT has a dedicated Customer Enquiries Team that can assist you.

The NCT remains partially open during the COVID-19 pandemic, and its support can be availed through the following means outlined below.


NCT Booking Phone Number

This number is available for those who have already utilised an NCS service and would like to follow-up on their experience.

The helpline is open between Mondays and Fridays, 9am – 4pm.

For any complaints, please request the operator for a customer complaints form. Furthermore, if you believe that the “integrity” of any component of the NCS service has been breached, then you can use the following helpline below.


NCT General Enquiries

If you are yet to utilise an NCS service, and simply have some questions beforehand, then you can contact NCT Customer Enquiries team who’ll gladly answer any question you have.

The helpline is open between Mondays and Fridays, 9am – 4pm.


Motor Trade Enquiries

If you are from the Motor industry or trade, then you will find the NCS an eager collaborative partner. The NCT offers all garages a visit to their test centres to learn more about the test, alongside informal meetings to hear more from those in the motor industry. Use their email address below to get hold of them for arranging a meeting.

Leave your name, number and name of garage and a member of their staff will be in touch.

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