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National Driver Licence Service Customer Service

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The NDLS or National Drivers License Service is responsible for receiving applications for learner permits, and driving licenses, and issuing the identification cards in Ireland.

To apply for an Irish driving license you are required to provide proof of identity in the form of a face to face verification at one of the 34 NDLS offices within the country, unless you are in possession of a public services card and a MyGovID online account.

NDLS helpline

Under the Irish Road Safety Authority, NDLS has been issuing driving licenses since 2013, and services the entirety of Ireland, with an office in each county. It is important to contact NDLS to exchange licenses and gain an Irish driving license as after December 2020 uk driving licenses will no longer be valid to drive in Ireland.


The most popular ways of contacting NDLS

It is easy to contact NDLS using their website, in order to complete the online part of your application for a license or learners permit, and you can use the website to book an appointment for the face to face security verification.

A full list of issuing centres and their addresses is also available online so you can choose the centre that is closest to you. If you are renewing your license instead of placing a first time application this must be done in person rather than online.

Their centres have reopened nationwide after closing due to COVID-19, and are open for appointments and in person applications from 9am - 4pm every Monday, with the ability to take payment only by card and not by cash.


NDLS Phone Numbers

If you have any other queries surrounding the application process or the issuing of new/replacement licenses, for an immediate response it is best to contact the NDLS by phone. Their customer call centres are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and Saturday from 9am to 1pm, and they are closed on bank holidays and other public holidays.

The telephone number is 0761 087 880, if you have made an application and want to check its progress the NDLS advise against contacting them for this purpose by telephone unless more than 3 weeks have passed since you submitted your application, and 3 months after you have requested an exchange from a foreign license to an Irish license.

There is an online feedback form available in the contact us section of their site and the NDLS aims to respond to all feedback within 2 working days by contacting you however you prefer. They also welcome queries and complaints by post which can be sent to the address: National Driver Licence Service, Po Box 858, Southside Delivery Office, Cork.

The easiest way to contact the NDLS however is to send them a direct email, again with a response estimated to be within 2 business days. The email needed to reach them is info@ndls.ie.

Datos empresa
hi i have received a letter from you re my application to replace damaged licence i need to speak to someone but can not get an answer does not matter how long i hang on for i never get put through to anyone please either give me a different number or ring me or tell me how to contact my query CAN NOT be answered on line
Why will ye Not let me Renew
I applied for a Irish drivers licence on 25 MAY 2021 over three months ago! After ringing for several weeks in a row (four) all I get after waiting on the line for ages (20 to 30 minutes each time), is the excuse that NDLS has not heard back from South Africa. I do not believe this as others here from SA have not experienced this. At a fifth call moments ago, I was told I cant get my South African Licence back, each call made the person answering it, tells me something different? I no longer want an Irish drivers licence and want my South African licence back, I rang over a week ago to ask for my licence and cancellation of the Irish Licence, I was told that NDLS would not refund the €55 euro despite the fact I have not received what I paid for but I could get my licence back. I received no confirmation of my telephone call request, despite asking for this, I was also told I could not go and collect it from the NDLS offices in Cork due to Covid and yet one can attend sport stadiums and Restaurants? Covid is now simply an excuse for poor service!
will you be sending out a reminder to renew my driving Licence
I ready payed 35 € to renew my learner's permit and I tried many times to book for my driving test but no, success. Please, help me to not lose my money. My public care was expired and it will be on the post office this week but I don't know which day. In cases to loose my money I want to pay for driving test now if you send me the link. Thanks