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ParkingEye Customer Service Helpline

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ParkingEye is a parking control management company which specializes in the provision of parking solutions for the millions of automobiles in the United Kingdom. The company is dedicated to the provision of efficient car park management solutions.

There are of course millions of vehicles in the United Kingdom, therefore, there will be a need for customers and the general public to want to get in touch with the company for one reason or the other, ranging from questions, requests, complaints, inquiries, etc.

ParkingEye Assistance and Support


ParkingEye Contact Number

You can call Parking Eye head office on 0330 555 4444. If you however received a fine and you want to know how to appeal or pay the fine, or you want to ask questions about Parking Eye’s services, call ParkingEye contact number at 0870 218 1364. The phone line is open every day of the week from 9am to 6pm.

ParkingEye does not only provide parking control management services, the company also deals in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) plates. With this service, the company provides car park management solutions and full enforcement processing. To get in touch with the company regarding any of these services, call their phone number at 0870 280 7058.

If you have received a fine and you would like to appeal the fine, you must submit your appeal information as quick as possible. If you however miss an appeal, you may have to take the matter to court. To know more about the process of appealing a fine, send an email to appeals@parkingeye.co.uk.

Listed below are some ParkingEye customer service contact numbers and the helpline they connect to:

  • Complaint helpline is: 0177 245 0970.
  • Customer Services contact number: 0870 280 7058.
  • Pay By Phone: 0330 555 4444.
  • International Number: +44 177 245 0970.

Contact now

To get in touch with ParkingEye customer support easily, it is best to call the phone numbers provided, the lines are open every day of the week from 9am to 6pm. You can also contact the ParkingEye via email by using the online contact forms on the company’s website. On the website, there are different forms for different reasons; there is a separate form for appeal, for media or public relations, for new business, and for police.

If you would like to opt for traditional mail system, you can send your mail to the following address; ParkingEye Limited, PO Box 565, Chorley, PR6 6HT.


ParkingEye Customer Service

You may be interested in going down to ParkingEye head office to get your issue resolved, the address is ParkingEye Limited, PO Box 565, Chorley, PR6 6HT. you can call the head office on phone as well on 0330 555 4444. If you want to make a secure payment using your debit card or credit card by phone, call 0330 555 4444. If you want to send a payment by post, send to the mailing address; ParkingEye Ltd, P.O. Box 565, Chorley, PR6 6HT.

For more information about Motorist, visit their website, you will find out extra information, another phone number on which you can reach ParkingEye Customer Service easily is on 844 247 2981. You can as well visit the website parkingeye.co.uk for more information on your questions, requests and enquiries.

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Hello, I’ve been told by ASDA in dewsbury that I’ve to contact you about getting a reg plate from a vehicle that drove past my car and scraped the side of it. Asda dewsbury have the cctv of the vehicle going into my car and have burnt the disc off for evidence. My email is elliottgallant@hotmail.co.uk and contact number is 07526523043. Thanks Elliott Gallant
Ref-263102/511377. Car reg-NL67JYW Parking charge belongs to Kayleigh Martin, her address is no4 Ullswater terrace south hetton not no9. I have wrote to you to amend your records, and have sent you a email, no reply up till now with another parking charge notice reminder. I have passed the paper work onto her again. Will you please amend your records. This is the 3rd reply I have sent you again. I would like a reply to say this has been amended. Mrs e Collins Who lives in no 9 Ullswater terrace south hetton.
No wonder you don't have a phone number, when do i pay my bill. Offence date 28th may. Notice date on letter 31st 5th and arrival of notice 5th June. How long have I got left for discount
Dear customer, ParkingEye contact number is 0330 555 4444
I have just parked in Macclesfied General Hospital for 50 mins approx having paid £3.50 at 12.50 today 6/6/18. Unfortunately I put in the wrong reg number MV15 XYV as I had forgotten that I had used my husbands car. The correct ref should be G4 BUL. As this will cause the recognition system to assume I hadn't paid - please advise what I should do next, I still have my proof of purchase. Linda Bull
I have just parked in Macclesfied General Hospital for 50 mins approx having paid £3.50 at 12.50 today 6/6/18. Unfortunately I put in the wrong reg number MV15 XYV as I had forgotten that I had used my husbands car. The correct ref should be G4 BUL. As this will cause the recognition system to assume I hadn't paid - please advise what I should do next, I still have my proof of purchase. Linda Bull
Why can I not speak to someone at parking eye to discuss an issue? On your website you give numbers for customer services, speaking to head office, and making a complaint but this is clearly a big lie as all the numbers give the same options. nowhere can you make a complaint, speak to customer services or speak to head office.
I attended Royal Preston Hospital A&E on the 12 February between the hours 22:30-03:00 on 13 February The payment system has changed since I last went there, I could not see the payment point and assumed there would be one at the exit but could not find one,drove around the one way system and returned to the car park to find the payment point (pay here sign not illuminated and machine facing away-not very visible in the dark) entered the my car's details and it came up with the details that I had been in the car park for only 4 minutes could not find the transaction for the previous 4-5 hours to pay the ticket. I went inside to A&E reception to tell them of the problem and they gave me the paper with the phone number on, called the number but asked for a 13 digit reference number which I do not have and no person picks up so I am unable to pay the charge (I was told that if the charge is paid within 24 hours there is no penalty Do I wait for the ticket to arrive and then appeal?
Hi Neil, please contact Parkingeye customer service to receive assistance with your concern. Regards
dear sir/madam i went to bury market on the 26/06/19 and paid three pounds into the parking meter on the other side of car park,i received your letter today 05/07/19 with the fine enclosed, obviously i have paid for wrong car park?, i am 70 yrs old and my wife and mother were with us,(mother is 93 and registered blind and disabled because she cannot walk and we use wheelchair to push her around, never any disabled spaces empty when we have been before because not many,but do not mind paying, blue badge holder. I am very sorry that i have parked in your car park but must admit bury market car park and yours are very confusing, i thought it a was all one car park and did not know it was split into two, as we are pensioners so this fine is a lot to us. mr m.blamires, ref no224031/607251 tel 01274975493
Absolutely disgusting service, I’ve received a parking penalty for parking at royal Preston hospital, it says pay at machines but all the machines are switched off, nowhere does it say you have to go inside the main doors to pay. I’ve tried contacting you to arrange a payment as I’ve been ill and didn’t get chance to appeal. An I can’t afford the whole payment in one as I’m a single mother with a disabled child but cannot contact you at all! Now the charge has gone from £165 to £300. This is absolutely ridiculous..
I've been charged £70 for £4.50 parking fee that I had paid, had evidence I had paid and still ended up with a threatening Court Letter. I Contacted the Hospital I was parked at and they told me to just ignore the letters and Don't pay anything to anyone as they cant do anything. I will be visiting there head office in Blyth if I receive any more rubbish from them and will most certainly never pay any Money to this company. What sort of a company provides phone numbers with no one at the other end to answer? Conmen spring to mind. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR ANY THING YOU RECEIVE IN THE POST FROM THESE AND DO NOT PAY AS THEY DO NOT FOLLOW ANYTHING UP
Iv been given a fine , just I used an app called pay by phone , and still been charged ?!
I meant not to park and I am about to leave the area but unfortunately the traffic starts and its look like Iam staying for 13 minutes. I was given a fine for staying for 13 minutes in the area. I normally pay for parking if i intend to stay. I'm hoping that they will able to see the time that i intent to leave the area in their camera and able to consider the fact that it was the traffic that makes me stay a bit on my way out. Please who ever watch the camera to consider the situation too in future.
I have been given a parking fine while parked on ALDI car park martlesham Heath ipswich unfortunately our car had broken down I when back into the store and told the manager he said don't worry we can sort it out when you receive the fine went back when we received the fine and they told us to just ignore it have tried phoning parking eye but cannot get to speak to anyone
i dont think it fair that parking charge when i was taking my uncle to hes appointment for coronvirus