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TFL Customer Service Contact

Transport for London Contact Numbers

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TFL stands for Transport for London, it is a government company that offers transportation services to the London commuters. The company was established in 2000 to provide buses, trams, and railway management.

Part of its responsibility is providing transport strategy and managing congestion, offer transportation facility planning, maintain the traffic lights and oversee private hire trade regulations.

London has one of the most recognizable transportation systems in the whole world. TFL, Transport for London, is the agency that makes that possible. Without them, transportation in the area might just be chaos. From the busses to taxis, everything is organized by TFL UK. One of the great things about TFL is that they are always ready to hear from their customers.


TFL Customer Service

To contact TFL Customer Service by phone, you can call them at 0343 222 1234, this helpline is available during normal business hours. Also you can send a message using the Textphone free phone number at 0800 112 3456.

Taxis and minicabs have their own TFL contact number at 0343 222 4000. You can use this number to ask questions about the taxi/minicab service or inquire about a ride. To book Dial-a-Ride, you can call them at 0343 222 7777. This number can also be used for cancellation and rebooking, the Dial-a-Ride service is available to members only.

Have you discovered a street or road fault? You can report issues with London streets to the Streets Department TFL phone number at 0343 222 1234. Alternatively, you can report them by using the TFL form here tfl.gov.uk/help-and-contact/contact-us-about-streets-and-other-road-issues. Abandoned vehicles can also be reported to this helpline and questions about the low emission zone can be directed to that department at 0343 222 1111.

TFL Customer Service’s office can be found at: TfL Customer Services 4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk London, SE10 0ES and Lost property can be picked up or inquired about at: 200 Baker Street, London NW1 5RZ. Before visiting the lost property department, you can call the TFL UK phone number to see if your property is there.


TFL Contact Number

Like any modern agency, TFL UK is open to social media and welcomes messages via Facebook or Twitter. For Facebook messages at m.me/transportforlondon, note: for both services you will need to log in to send messages.

The various departments within TFL take their own complaints, contact them by using their standard contact information. That being said, complaints can be escalated to the London TravelWatch website or the Local Government Ombudsman at 0300 061 0614.

If you need to talk with the company for complaints, queries or to get information about which is the best way to move in London, with TFL pco contact you have the chance to get help and assistance about your concern, a customer support representative is available to help you.

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I would like to say a huge thank you to Stewart Southhold, Central Line Westbound Stratford Station. A passenger knocked my kindle, on to the tube track. Stewart gave me great advice, arranged for me to return to the track when there was a small gap in the trains, advised me where a café was during the wait, and met me at the time he agreed on the platform, arranged for the train to stop safely short of the platform and retrieved my kindle. I really appreciated the service, and care taken to ensure I knew what to do. Well done TfL.
Good Morning / Afternoon I must point out that viruses such as COVID breed and spread rampantly with the use of air conditioning units. This was made abundantly clear and public by Virologist Dr. John Campbell back in March and April of this year. Why then do London buses insist upon using them? Aside from C-19, why are they in use on days when the temperature has lowered to October levels? Kind regards
50% of people are not wearing a mask even though it is still mandatory. Are you doing anything more than run announcements on the speakers? Good abiding Britons queue perfectly but cannot wear a mask? Isn’t it a sign of respect for others (both queuing respecting your turn and wearing a mask)?