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Uber Phone Number Contact

Uber Uk Customer Service Contacts

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Uber UK is a helpful, economical and safe taxi service, the company is operating over 45 countries and 452 cities worldwide. The headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

Uber has a well-developed customer support service that is available 24 hours a day. All queries by the customers are entertained by Uber through support service within a matter of few minutes or sometimes hours but it does not take more than 24 hours for Uber to reply. There are five ways for Uber drivers and three ways for Uber customers to avail the support service.

Uber UK is rapidly developing mediums to provide customer service more efficiently. Though Uber is being used by millions of people, they never fail to provide competent customer support service. For the customers, Uber offers help through In-app support, web support at ‘help.uber.com’ and phone support.


Uber Contact Number Uk

Uber contact number uk support is available for help if the FAQs and in-app support do not resolve customer issues. Uber customer service experts are well-trained and are committed to provide information to customers and address their queries in the most efficient manner. The Uber users can also drop a mail at support@uber.com for queries and other concerns. Moreover, for drivers, uber is developing an in-app call support service; the drivers will only need to tap on a blue icon in the app to contact Uber phone number customer support.


Uber’s in-app support is available for Android as well as iPhone users. If the query relates to a trip, the Uber customers may select ‘help’ from the App menu and tap on one of the options under ‘report an issue’. The issue with a specific trip can also be reported through choosing the ‘last trip’ option. The ‘last trip’ option is very helpful for reporting issues with a particular trip.

Frequently asked questions are available over the web service of Uber. If they do not provide sufficient help, the customer may contact Uber Uk at the following email address support@uber.com.‘T.uber.com/contact’ and riders.uber.com/lost are also used for UK by the riders to obtain support service from Uber.

Uber UK customer support service is also available on social media sites. Currently, Twitter is one of the commonly used medium. For trip questions, compliments or serious concerns, you can contact through writing directly on Uber’s twitter account.


Uber Phone Number Uk

You have available a helpline to contact Uber for general queries or to report a complaint about the service or driver, Uber phone number london is 041-580-14068 and a customer service representative will attend your concerns. If you are in USA the free contact number is 800-353-8237, but only attend emergency assistance calls.

Additionally, you can call Uber UK using your driver application, in case you have an inquiry or need to report an issue, Uber has online operators that are constantly prepared to assist you when you are in need. This calling service is accessible every day and it encourages you to ask any questions that you may have concerning your Uber UK service. You should simply tap account in your driver application Tap help, Tap the blue telephone symbol in the upper right of your screen at that point Tap call support. With this service, you can call at anytime and during calls you'll be associated with an Uber uk customer service specialist in less than 2 minutes. In case you need to talk with the customer service face to face you can go to Uber uk's authentic help community also called the Uber Greenlight areas which can either be Greenlight hubs or Greenlight. With this service, you have the opportunity to have a personal discussion with the customer service.

customer care über


Other Uber Contact Options

As a rule, Uber customer service representatives assemble their information by means of the Uber UK application. This app is freely downloadable on the App store and Google play store, this application empowers you to choose your ride and set your location. You'll a picture of your driver's photograph and subtle elements of his vehicle and can track their entrance on the guide which is always on and continually available. It is mainly used for any inquiries or worries that you may have concerning your uber UK service.

In case you have an issue on a trip and you might want to connect with an individual from their customer service, simply select 'Help' from the application menu and you can pick any of the options under 'Report an Issue', or you can go to your 'Last Trip' to report an issue concerning your latest outing.

The Uber customer care representative interfaces with Uber UK company customers to furnish them with information to address request in regards to the Uber services. Furthermore, they manage and help settle any customer problems. For instance, an Uber customer service personnel in the UK may help you in opening an account or help you to settle an issue, if you can't access your account or if your driver never arrived. Uber's Customer support representatives ensure first that the protestations made are substantial and must do whatever they can inside the limits of their power to ensure the customer is fulfilled.

Apart from using the uber application, there are some different ways you can use to make enquiries. Uber additionally gives you online help for the individuals who have any inquiries, remarks or concerns with respect to Uber uk. You can get in touch with them at support@uber.com where you should give your email, your name and your detailed message and they will hit you up at the earliest opportunity. You can also visit help.uber.com to get help with your Uber account, a current trip, or go through frequently asked questions. You can enquire by finishing their email contact form.

Datos empresa
I tried to email Uber as I lost an item few weeks ago and didn’t hear from them. Please I need to contact the driver to sort this matter.
Had a uber car from Birmingham city centre to stafford I was quoted on my app between 38.00 and 42.00 over 58.00 was taken from my bank account Rip off I'm contacting Birmingham council to see if they had help me get a refund as it is impossible to contact them by phone
They have taking £21 out off my account even though all the Uber’s got cancelled
I have just spent an hour trying to set up an account. The app responds with a message mobile number already in use. It is not or if it was it was some time ago. The help system is possibly the worst, by a long way, I have used. The help phone numbers are there to taunt us, they ring out or number does not exist. Edward Gavigan
I wana complain about how they treat taxi drivers. Uber office her name is Michelle was blocking my husband account from driving. He took taxi car for 20.000 pounds and they blocked him to do his job. If I wana complain there is no proper he no proper customer service phone for official complains. They sending you for webside
Im really worried as my phone has been stolen, no password to use it and Im terrified someone is using my Uber Account
My account doesn't work, so can you send me a new link so I can verify my documents from the post office and I will send it to you again. My number is 07922136044
had money taken from my account but in Amsterdam? not traveled in lock down