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Booking.com Phone Number Contact

Contact Booking.com Ireland Customer Service

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Booking.com Ireland is a leading company when it comes to booking accommodations online with over one million rooms being reserved each on the site for people to book.

Apart from hotels, you can also book for rooms in motels or even look for a home or property to buy particularly if you are new to a city and are looking to settle down for quite some time. To make this possible, the Booking uk site has an app that people can access from their mobiles and it makes bookings easy.

Also, Booking.com provides consultancy services on destinations to travel to depending on the purpose of traveling whether for business or pleasure. The idea of Booking.com is to make accommodations available to people across the world at cheap and affordable prices whenever they travel so that they do not get stranded.

Booking.com UK Contacts


Booking.com Contact Number in Ireland

Once you sign up and log in to Booking.com, you have access to the available services part of which is a customer service help team that provides customers with answers to their questions thus allowing people to enjoy great customer service. There is also a Booking.com contact us option on the site with a Booking.com contact number 0203 564 6725 to serve that purpose.

Planning a vacation is one of the most stressful tasks that you have to accomplish, the major tasks are booking the right resorts, flights as well as all the other deals that you might require. However, with Booking.com uk there is nothing to worry about as they have been providing the best services in this regard.

Thus, in case that, you have been looking forward to booking the hotel or require some information you would need the contact information of Booking.com.

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Booking.com Helpline

In order to get the information regarding the bookings or you want to know about the recent deals, you can contact Booking.com helpline at 0203 564 6725. They have the highly trained team that will provide you with all the information quickly without wasting your time.

In case that you want to know about other deals and the offers that might be presented by Booking.com, all you have to do is visit the contact us page where they have made different categories of every deal and subject you might require information about.

Booking.com Ireland wants to win your trust and satisfaction. Thus, they will readily help you out in case you are having issues with the hotel you booked.

From flights to hotels, Booking.com handles many aspects of travel for customers, it is a great website to use in order to book a great holiday, when booking a holiday though, there can always be questions or problems. Contacting a website can be hard though, we wanted to make the process one step easier and have gathered all of the best contact information for you so that you don’t have to do the hard work.

The general enquiry line for Booking.com can be found at 0203 564 6725. This booking.com phone number is available at all times and will help you to connect with the proper person.

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Booking.com Customer Service

Customer service calls from within the United Kingdom to Booking.com can be made to 0203 564 6725. You can call this number anytime that you might need help from the Booking.com Customer Service team.

  • If you happen to be outside of Ireland on holiday or just in general, you can contact the Booking.com customer service number Ireland team at +353 1 4283000. This number is considered long distance so you only should call it when you are out of the country, just like all of the other phone numbers mentioned here, it is available 24/7.
  • To email the Booking.com customer service team by email at customer.service@booking.com. Emails to Booking.com are responded to within a couple of days and are answered in the order that they are received.
  • You can contact Booking.com on Twitter at twitter.com/bookingcom, remember that if you Tweet them, your message is public. You can also Direct Message Booking.com’s Twitter page but there is no estimated response time, twitter states that Booking.com is most responsive between 12 am and 9 am.

Booking.com also has a Facebook page, according to the Facebook page, their response time for Facebook messages is “instantly” which means that on average they reply rapidly. You can opt to post on the Facebook wall but responses their need to be vetted so private messaging is a quicker option.

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